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Subscribe and save up to 40% off

Build your own subscription box with your favorite products and choose delivery frequency from every 1-4 months. Edit, pause or cancel your subscription right from your BGLH Marketplace account dashboard. It’s the simple, easy way to stay stocked up with our body butter and black soap.

With daily full-body use our 2.5 oz size lasts 3 to 4 weeks, our 6 oz size lasts 6 to 8 weeks and our 12 oz size lasts 2 to 4 months.

The 0.9 oz sample size can provide up to one week of daily full-body use.

The shelf life of our products is one year.

(Click here for a detailed FAQ of our subscription box.)

Product Quantity

Heart-Shaped African Black Soap

African Black Soap is a known remedy for acne, oily skin, scars and blemishes, eczema and stretch marks. Use daily to even skin tone and produce bright radiant skin. It's a powerful cleanser, so a little goes a long way.

Our authentic African Black Soap is imported from Ghana and 100% natural containing no synthetic fragrances, color or additives. It lathers easily (see video above) and can be used on both face and body. Safe enough for use on infants and young children.

Single bars weigh 3 to 3.5 oz. Select your quantity below.

Baby Powder Hair & Body Oil Sample Size

Baby Powder Hair & Body Oil is a fast-absorbing oil that leaves skin with a beautiful glow. It has a fresh, clean, slightly floral scent. The convenient pump bottle makes application easy, and a little goes a very long way.

$10.00 each

Sandalwood & Bergamot Hair & Body Oil Sample Size

Sandalwood & Bergamot Hair & Body Oil is a silky, fast-absorbing oil that leaves skin with a beautiful glow. It has a luxurious feel and a sweet, woody scent. The convenient pump bottle makes application easy, and a little goes a very long way. A few drops will have you glowing and feeling divine. Watch below to see how this oil absorbs.

$10.00 each

Baby Powder Hair & Body Oil

Baby Powder Hair & Body Oil is a fast-absorbing oil that leaves skin with a beautiful glow. It has a fresh, clean, slightly floral scent. The convenient pump bottle makes application easy, and a little goes a very long way. Watch below to see how this oil absorbs.

Sandalwood & Bergamot Hair & Body Oil

Sandalwood & Bergamot Hair & Body Oil is a silky, fast-absorbing oil that leaves skin with a beautiful glow. It has a luxurious feel and a sweet, woody scent. The convenient pump bottle makes application easy, and a little goes a very long way. A few drops will have you glowing and feeling divine. Watch below to see how this oil absorbs.

Surprise me! Choose a new scent for me each subscription.

We have so many lovely butters, it can be hard to choose just one. With this option we choose a scent to send to you.

Baby Powder Blended Butter

Candy Blended Butter

Cocoa Shea Blended Butter

A powerful combination of raw cocoa butter and pure shea butter. Customers call this our 'hot chocolate butter' for its delicious smell.

Coconut Lime Whipped Mango Butter

Coconut Whipped Shea Butter

Gingerbread Blended Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

Grapefruit Whipped Shea Butter

Ice Cream Blended Butter

Lavender & Cocoa Blended Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

Lavender Whipped Shea Butter

Moisturize your skin and remove scars and blemishes while receiving the calming aromatherapy benefits of lavender essential oil. This whipped butter contains no synthetic chemicals, and can be used on both hair and skin.

Lemon & Lavender Blended Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

Lemon Cream Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

Lemongrass Whipped Shea Butter

Mango Cocoa Shea Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

For years our customers have asked us for a product that combines mango, cocoa and shea butter. It's finally here!

Mango Shea Blended Butter

Mint Chocolate Body Butter

Mocha Latte Blended Butter

Olive Oil Whipped Cocoa Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

Orange Creamsicle Whipped Shea Butter

Orange Grapefruit Whipped Shea Butter

Smells like a fresh squeezed cup of orange juice and absorbs beautifully into skin. Use it for aromatherapy, and to keep skin glowing all day long. Powerful enough to relieve conditions like eczema, psoriasis and hyper pigmentation, gentle enough to be used on young children.

Peppermint Whipped Shea Butter

Rose Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

Sandalwood & Bergamot Blended Butter

Smoked Tobacco and Vanilla Blended Butter

Unscented Whipped Shea Butter

Our Unscented Whipped Shea Butter is perfect for those who want the long-lasting moisture of raw shea butter without any added fragrance. This butter contains just 3 ingredients, no synthetic chemicals and can be used on both hair and skin.

Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter

Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter is our all-time best seller. Many customers liken its subtle, sweet fragrance to a fresh scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Its light, fluffy texture makes it easy to apply, and a little bit goes a long way. Just a few dabs will have you glowing.

The coconut oil-free version of this butter contains responsibly sourced palm oil.

Watch the video below for 8 ways to use Vanilla Whipped Shea on your hair, face and skin.

Vanilla Latte Blended Butter

Whipped Cocoa Butter

The perfect alternative to watery cocoa butter lotions, or raw cocoa butter wedges that are hard to spread. Our Whipped Cocoa Butter has just four ingredients -- raw cocoa butter, raw shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil -- whipped for an hour in a commercial grade mixer to make it soft, spreadable and highly absorbent.

Whipped Mango Butter

The Woods Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

Raw Shea Butter

Raw Shea Butter is one of nature's most versatile beauty ingredients. It softens skin, heals scars and blemishes, relieves eczema, psoriasis and persistent dry skin, soothes diaper rash and provides UV ray protection. It is gentle enough to be used as a face moisturizer and lip balm.

Raw Cocoa Butter Wafers

Raw Mango Butter

Raw Mango Butter is a light but deep moisturizer for hair and skin. It is extracted from the kernel of the mango and has a slight almost imperceptible leafy scent. Our mango butter is all-natural and white in color with a creamy texture.

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Choose a subscription plan:


Long-lasting, deeply penetrating moisturizers for both skin and hair.

Whipped to a light, fluffy texture that absorbs right into skin and hair. Very fragrant (unless you select an unscented product.) A little goes a long way, a few dabs will have your body glowing and smelling divine. (Mango butter does not smell like mango. It comes from the seed of the fruit, not the flesh. It has a slight, almost imperceptible leafy/green smell.)

Soften and moisturize, reduce scarring, blemishes and stretch marks, and relieve eczema and psoriasis. Gentle enough to be used as a lip balm.

Apply after a wash or condition to smooth and soften strands, define curl pattern and lock in moisture. Works great for twists, braids, twist-outs and braid-outs. (Good for beards too!)

Absolutely! BGLH Marketplace Whipped Butters strengthen strands, leading to consistent hair growth.

Watch this video for 8 ways you can use BGLH Marketplace Whipped Butters on your hair, face and skin.

25 reviews for Subscription Box

  1. Andrea (verified owner)

    Great products; love the ease of the subscription box – the next order is on the way just as I start to run low.

  2. Nefertari Hawthorne (verified owner)

    This is great! So glad she started a subscription. I’m Cali based right, so obviously not able to just pop into the shop when I run out of my beloved cocoa butter. I’ve been rocking with this cocoa butter for a few years now so having a subscription makes it easier for me to never go dry 🙂
    The only reason I left a star off because I do not see an option to change scents for my shea butter in the subscription. The subscription is the perfect opportunity for customers to try out different scents and discover what they like most. It would be super helpful to have that as a feature for subscription modifications. I hope she’ll consider this 🙂

  3. SA (verified owner)

    The subscription is wonderful. Now I don’t have to worry about running out.

  4. L. Allen (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my butters. All of the scents are amazing. I’m liking that with my subscription box, now I can switch fragrances. I will consider gifting a few to family. Keep it going🙏🏾

  5. Andra Caston (verified owner)

    The product is fabulous. It’s the only product that works on my granddaughter’s eczema. I ordered the subscription box because I don’t have to remember to reorder. I’m a loyal customer.

  6. Melda (verified owner)

    I signed up for this because the body butters are the only thing that keeps my skin on my body during the summer and I usually run out because I use so much during the season. I’m super pale and get terrible sunburn if I’m not careful. I was used to terrible peeling even after using aloe and other creams afterwards but these butters have solved that problem. Having a subscription keeps me well stocked during the hottest DC months.

  7. Linda (verified owner)

    I wish I signed up for this sooner. Thank you Leila for the subscription plans. I always seemed to run out before reordering. Not anymore. ????????????????

  8. Tricia Goodrich (verified owner)

    I didn’t think I could afford a subscription, but this is the best bodybutter that I have found (and I have done my research) How can you go wrong with an easy affordable price and the bodybutter you love coming to your door every month? You can (at any time) cancel, change your delivery and upgrade or downgrade depending on how much your using or not. If you decide tomorrow the original scent isn’t making you happy well, Ms. Leila has at least 10 other scents you haven’t tried yet. I am so glad I finally stumbled on the BGLH marketplace. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

  9. Annette (verified owner)

    I have been a customer for some time now. I did not sign up for the subscription box initially because I was afraid that it would not be affordable. What a mistake! The subscription was not only affordable but offered several options. This is my last time being stranded without my whipped Shea butter. I love these products.

  10. njjosh1 (verified owner)

    Love the subscription boxes. Don’t have to figure out when to purchase or if I’m running out. Plus when one of my family runs out of theirs, I just go right into my stash and pick out a new butter. I also can’t wait to see what my surprise butter will be! Keep it going!

  11. Sara

    Wish there was a way to order BOTH the coconut oil AND coconut oil free vanilla whipped Shea butter in the same order!

    Recently noticed that the Candy blended butter has lemongrass in it. Would love to have a version that didn’t include that oil, as I realized it was activating my allergies (known from previous lemongrass exposure) but I do love how it smells overall, so I’m torn over it.

    Your butters have overcome all other lotions I used to use and I reach for yours immediately when I have dry skin and hair. Love them!

  12. Michelle L Spencer

    Love it ❤️

  13. Brandy

    This is the best body cream I have purchased by far. It is light and airy with a fresh scent and I love the texture. When I lather my body the cream melts in my hand and glides over any part I chose to cover. I am forever a customer!

  14. ashleyvalentina (verified owner)

    I love the subscription box. I get the 0.9 sample size each month. I chose to have them surprise me with a new scent every time and it’s exciting seeing what scent I’ll get each month 🙂 I also love to give away each sample to a friend or family member or someone new – I’m big on gift giving and everyone I introduce BGLH to ends up loving it so it’s fun giving each sample away to people in my life 🙂 they love it too.

  15. Lauren Torrance (verified owner)

    Great! I can change scents, stop, pause or cancel at will! I love it! I have vanilla and mocha so far! I plan on changing to lavender and lemon next! I cant wait! I’m like kid in a candy store. Awesome! My skin thanks you!

  16. Laura (verified owner)

    So happy to get the subscription. We’ve been getting BGLH butters for a good while, and now no more running low. I appreciate the almond-oil free choices also, and deeply appreciate knowing exactly what essential oils are in each blend. With epilepsy in the family, it’s good to have that trust. To have something beautiful and not plain, with no worries!

  17. SA (verified owner)

    So glad I got the subscription. No more scrapping the bottom out of the last jar! No more forgetting to reorder.

  18. Angela B

    I am so in love with these whipped butters. My favorite is the Vanilla Shea Butter, and the whipped Cocoa Butter. They smell and feel sooo good. They do not have too strong of a smell and they feel amazing on my skin. I have shared the link with family and friends and hope that they will enjoy them like I do. I also like the African black soap, it’s very convenient for travel and it works great on my skin. This is my second order and I will be ordering again real soon. Lastly, the prices are reasonable and I love receiving text messages about the specials and new product as well.

  19. Maxine (verified owner)

    I received my first subscription and it was my first time trying the product. I am blown away by the quality and effectiveness of the whipped butter! I am so glad I decided to try it.

  20. TeePanama (verified owner)

    Soft as a Baby’s bottom! Since I started using BGLH shea butter my skin has become softer and properly moisturized. I love how it dissolves as it’s rubbed into the skin. I used it on my nails and have my nails are growing. I also use in my hair to keep manageable. I have recommended to friends and they are also happy and satisfied.

  21. Nbolt (verified owner)

    The whipped vanilla shea butter is my all time go to. I have a couple of other butters, but this is my base for everything. I absolutely am in love with the smell of this butter. So divine! This butter I use on my hair as well as my body and I feel the moisture seep into the strands. This is especially true when my hair is damp. My holy grail for sure!

  22. Nbolt (verified owner)

    The whipped cocoa butter is light and airy and I love it. The butter being whipped does not take away from its effectiveness. I have always used cocoa butter through out the years and would have to really break it down due to the firmness of it. Having a whipped cocoa butter, I don’t have to use as much as the butter spreads a lot easier.

  23. Nbolt (verified owner)

    The heart-shaped African black soap is love in a bar. The quality of this soap is unmatched. I use it all over my body even on my face and my skin is clear. When my skin starts to break out I turn to my African black soap and consistently use it until my skin clears. I have tried other African black soaps but I always return to BGLH soaps.

  24. Nbolt (verified owner)

    My new love is the coconut lime scented butter. It smells so fresh and clean. No different than any of the other butters in making my skins so soft and smooth.

  25. Nbolt (verified owner)

    I am so glad this was thought of to do. Such an awesome idea to have a subscription on products that we use every day. I also appreciate the discounted price for using the subscription. I know the business has been having challenging times, but I hope that this is helpful in keeping this company around for many years to come.

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