Mocha Latte Blended Body Butter

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A long-lasting, deeply penetrating moisturizer for both skin and hair.

Whipped to a light, fluffy texture that absorbs right into skin and hair. The chocolate-coffee mix smells like a delicious mocha latte. A little goes a long way and a few dabs will have your body glowing and smelling divine.

Soften and moisturize, reduce scarring, blemishes and stretch marks, and relieve eczema and psoriasis. Gentle enough to be used as a lip balm.

Apply after a wash or condition to smooth and soften strands, define curl pattern and lock in moisture. Works great for twists, braids, twist-outs and braid-outs. (Good for beards too!)

Absolutely! Mocha Latte Blended Butter strengthens strands, leading to consistent hair growth.

Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, coffee essential oil

Watch this video for 8 ways you can use BGLH Marketplace butters on your hair, face and skin.

28 reviews for Mocha Latte Blended Body Butter

  1. N.O (verified owner)

    Fan product. Soooo airy, light and moisturizing. The smell is divine. Got this for my hubby but have used it more than him. Sinks in and doesnt make you look or feel greasy. Love it. Will most definitely order again.

  2. Kimberly D (verified owner)

    This stuff moisturizes and protects my skin and hair. I love how the mocha scent makes me smell like a brownie fresh out of the oven! My husband loves the scent on my body 😉

  3. Rex Green (verified owner)

    Absolutely adore this stuff. The Mocha Latte scent only enhances the cocoa smell that occurs naturally in cocoa butter. This stuff is a dream.

  4. Clhoe Johnson (verified owner)

    I love the smell. It absorbs amazingly into the skin without an oily residue.

  5. M.B. (verified owner)

    Smells great and rubs well into skin, but not necessarily worth it for the price (12oz). Not a good moisturizer or twisting butter for hair, but it did soften my strands. Probably best for hot oil treatment or in conjunction with another moisturizer. Still a beautiful product overall, so I would recommend to buy small first and try it out.

  6. F-N

    Moisturizes skin well with a great smell.

  7. Kathy “Kat” Adorno (verified owner)

    I love this stuff, after a nice shower. I stay moisturized…

  8. Bj Fau (verified owner)

    This product is sooooo good. I freaking love it, it smells so good! I apply it straight out of the shower so my skin can absorb it. I’m moisturized all day and I smell amazing all day. I’ve had random ppl say I smell so good🙌🏾. I’m definitely buying more but I’m just waiting for the temperature to go down bc I bought mine this summer and even with the insulation it arrived melted but I didn’t care bc the product is so good , I just enjoyed what was left . This will always be purchased by me!

  9. nancystockdale (verified owner)

    This butter is amazing! It quickly healed my chapped lips and has made my winter-parched skin soft and supple again. It smells amazing – it reminds me of coffee and frosting! My partner loved the smell, too, and now he’s using it and loving it! I’m a fan!

  10. Adrienne B. Kinard (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with my 1st time trying out the Mocha Latte! The scent is true to it’s name and isn’t overwhelming! Just wish there was a layering product like a scrub to enhance it!

  11. Jasmine S

    This mocha latte gives me life! It’s light but super absorbent. It’s my absolute favorite!

  12. Az S

    I had bought this for someone as a gift, since both he and I have the wonderful (sarcasm) thing of having skin issues. I’d bought other scents from here before (and loved it), but had asked him specifically which scent he’d be interested in, and he picked this one. According to him, it “got his face feeling like a baby,” so I KNOW he likes it! I’m getting myself some this go round!

  13. Diana D. Williams (verified owner)

    Oh wow 🤩 I love the Smell and my Lord it feels so good on my Skin. It is just like Putting on a Very Soft Silky Blanket over my whole Body 😍😍😍I love it and will be buying some more in the Future

  14. Deana (verified owner)

    Love the smell of it and it makes my skin extremely soft. I was a little unsure at first due to my sensitive skin, but it’s amazing and I had no irritation or break outs. Definitely will continue to purchase.

  15. Kyla (verified owner)

    Very nice the size is more than I expected I will be ordering more.

  16. Julia (verified owner)

    My skin seems to drink up the whipped butter. My family and I have purchased our first order and it doesn’t seem to create any drastic hydration changes in the skin but we love supporting black owned businesses. We will probably try another company for comparison. What I love about this butter is the consistency. Very light and fluffy and not greasy. What I dislike about this product is the price. Fairly high considering how cheap it is to make shea butter. You can make whipped butters in your home. The customer service was decent as the response time is slow. Will probably not purchase this in the near future but I have told people about this company.

  17. Lauren Torrance (verified owner)

    Used it for 2 weeks or more before doing this review. It makes skin feel like “butter” silky smooth. I have locs so I use it on my face and edges it keeps them moist. It removes dryness from where my face meets my hair. I will definitely be purchasing more! I use it for my whole body.

  18. latoya

    I’ve been a customer from the beginning. If you called you got owner. I’m glad through the years that she has prospered so well. It’s a great product. The price hike hurt my feelings. I couldn’t afford it anymore. There’s no shame in letting y’all know. Now that I’m a empty nester I have returned. I’m happy to say I can start buying for myself again.

  19. Anthony K (verified owner)

    Ugh, Something told me to get a bigger container. It melts beautifully on my ash laden skin and smells wonderful. There’s no greasy after film which I love and it has done a lot more for me than most store bought body butters/lotions. I will definitely be pining for the vanilla whipped one next purchase.

  20. Sylvia Hill

    This stuff smells AMAZING!!! And it feels so luxurious. It’s like a spa in a jar. I’m in LOVE! I will be a repeat customer 100%

  21. Callie Pinaire (verified owner)

    As someone who struggles with sensitive skin that also happens to be DRY AS HELL, this stuff has literally been a lifesaver for my skin and my hair. I have 3a/b curls and they are very frizzy, especially as humidity rises and using this butter on my hair leaves them shiny, less frizzy and makes me smell like a coffee shop. Seriously so good.

  22. WhoByFire (verified owner)

    It smells like childhood! I can’t really explain it, but it does. It’s got a light coffee scent that makes me think of the mahogany of my childhood home and cozy, rainy nights.

  23. Shelly G (verified owner)

    Order a sample pack with the mocha latte blended and became addicted to the scent. Found myself just opening the jar just to smell it! Loved so much ordered 2 more. The scent was alittle different but still wonderful. Helps my super dry skin. Great products and Leila is wonderful!

  24. Taylor Painter (verified owner)

    I love this stuff!!! It smells like my favorite thing ever….COFFEE, with a subtle hint of vanilla. I will not be without this stuff if I can help it!!

  25. RoseMary Cooper (verified owner)

    Love these Butters..I have few favorite like mocha,cococa ,Shea , blended,whipped. Have tried others. feel so smooth on the skin. The scent amazing and not greasy.. I just bathe my body in it after shower. Been ordering a lots lately. I am in Fl weather cooling down a little,but I am retired now so I am around for mailman. Will be ordering again.

  26. Aundrea (verified owner)

    So imagine, you’ve been suffering from migraine headaches and your doctor tells you, “no more coffee” but I loooove coffee, my life was so boring without it until I met Ms. Mocha Latte, honty let me tell you, she is E-V-E-R-Y-THANG my cup of morning tea is not. I mean it’s a WIN-WIN?! It smells of coffee, it moisturizes my skin AND leaves my body all soft and feeling sexy. Did I mention it smells like coffee? (LOL!) It’s a staple, buy it! It does not disappoint.

  27. Celeste (verified owner)

    I think you should change the name of the Mocha Latte butter to SLATHER…cause that’s what I do with it on a daily basis! I am hooked on the incredible smell and silky consistency for my dry Northern-girl skin and hair, I stay hydrated all day and night. I love your whipped cocoa butter and this version just ramps up the smell that much more 🙂 This butter is good all over and all under too…healing and moisturizing for every part of me…thank you!!

  28. Latrice Lenoir (verified owner)

    I am in love with these butters. I have bought just about every scent. Given them away as gifts to my bestie and family. But this scent right here by far is my favorite. It is the most delicious smelling one yet. (Vanilla Latte is not far behind). I WILL be buying this scent again.

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