We are incredibly proud that our products have high ratings on Facebook, Google and here on our own site. Here is a sample of testimonials from verified purchasers.

Since I been introduced to your products by my niece Zawadi I’ve been blown away by the quality and variety of your butters. My daughter suffered from bad eczema and I started using your whipped shea butter on her and her skin is soft and healthy with no breakouts for over a year. They are my go to for great gifts for family and friends. Thanks for making such Awesome natural products that are great for my whole family – 3 generations. May you & your business be Blessed for many years to come.
I use the product on my hair but my face benefits as well. I tried it initially because I have psoriasis of the scalp. I am trying to use natural products to reduce flare ups and flaking. This is my second order and the product seems to be great. Flaking and flare ups are down significantly.
These products are amazing! I simply love the butters. They are so fluffy and smooth. My skin feels WONDERFUL, especially in this never ending winter! I’ve only used one of the butters in my pick 3 pack. The whipped cocoa butter smells divine. It’s smells like pure chocolate. My husband has problems with dry skin/eczema and he has seen 100% improvement. I’ve also tried the Mango/Shea butter. It made for twist out that slaaaayed! Much carnage in the lands after letting my twists set with the Mango/Shea butter. I will DEFINITELY repurchase!!!
Vanilla was my 1st purchase from the BGLH Marketplace, and so far it is one of my favorite scents. My son used it on his skin, and it’s the best thing that has worked for his eczema by far. I knew that after I used it after the 2nd day, I had came across an amazing product. I can never say thank you enough!
Best Product every. Honestly, I was not sure if this was going work. I have tried many products like this and my hair was either dry or heavy. But this MANGO SHEA BLENDED BUTTER, is AMAZING. I will continue to buy this product and will gift them this year for Christmas. I use it after I wash my hair and my hair feels amazing and soft and my twist and braid outs last long and stay moisturized for days. I love it.
I have sensitive skin and eczema. This product is so soothing and gentle. I’m also using it to fight pregnancy stretch marks and it works beautifully.
Smells like vanilla cake! I love this blended butter. The texture is out of this world! It’s like a frosting texture and a little goes a long way. I’m naturally heavy handed because of how my hair eats everything in sight, but this cream does not allow me to take chunks out. the consistency gives me a fingertip full and that’s all it takes for my whole hair to be moisturized- and it stays moisturized throughout the day whether it is sunny cloudy humid or cool. I’m really happy about this newfound product I’ve just discovered by the brilliant team of Black women who created this. Way to go sistahs my low porosity hair thanks you!
Vanilla and vanilla latte are my go to scents. It’s soft, subtle, and sweet smelling. I love it! I use it to moisturize and protect my hair, scalp, and skin. It also makes nice gifts for family and friends.
Love the coconut scent, its beautifully rich and not heavy at all. The whole family uses it, . Its really good for a twist out too :-). Not based in the US but still receive orders in good time. Its a stunning product and well worth trying if you are thinking about it.
This is not my first time using these whipped Shea butter’s. I have ordered a few times before and I love them. I love the texture and how easy it is to use on my hair as well as my children’s. I love that I can use it to style when it’s too cold for water based products. It also locks in the moisture if used after leave ins and oils. It makes my sons hair soft and it’s gentle enough for his seven-month-old head; my two-year-old loves the smell and to rub it on her hands. Even my dad liked the moisturizing feeling and the cool from the whipped Peppermint Shea butter and he’s bald. I just got my mom to get a 12 ounce of whipped Peppermint Shea butter since she just got the big chop. Not only does she love her hair but she loves the product that goes in it. I have a feeling that my family and I will be coming back many times.
Came to the store last Friday for the first time and bought three different butters. I think this is my favorite. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blended butter! No words for how perfect this has been this winter in NY city where the weather has been dreadful. Use it on hair, body (including face) and it is the best moisturizer. My hair is moisturized (and I blow dry) without feeling greasy; face is moisturized without ever drying out. So glad I stopped by.
I bought this because of the acne fighting properties to help clear up my back and it has done a phenomenal job within just a few weeks! Very satisfied!