Mango Cocoa Shea Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

(9 customer reviews)

From: $45.00

For years our customers have asked us for a product that combines mango, cocoa and shea butter. It’s finally here!


With a texture reminiscent of marshmallow whipped cream Mango Cocoa Shea Body Butter gives you all the benefits of its powerful ingredients.

It absorbs easily into skin, producing an immediate glow. The scent of the raw cocoa and shea come through, giving this butter an earthy, chocolate smell. (Mango butter does not smell like mango because it comes from the seed of the mango fruit, not the flesh.) All three butters are packed with nourishing vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants.

Click the video below for a texture demonstration.

How do I use Mango Cocoa Shea Blended Body Butter?

You can incorporate this product at any step of your bodycare journey

  1. To provide 12 to 48 hour moisture for skin and hair
  2. As aromatherapy and fragrance for your hair and skin
  3. To soften dry, rough skin on knees, elbows and feet
  4. To reduce dark spots and hyper pigmentation on knees, elbows and underarms
  5. To add elasticity and boost collagen production in skin
  6. To reduce scarring, blemishses and stretch marks
  7. To relieve eczema and psoriasis

Click here for a full list of 17 ways to use BGLH Marketplace whipped butters.

Can I use it on hair?

Apply it to damp or wet hair to smooth and soften strands and lock in moisture. This product will define curl pattern and reduce frizz. Works great for twists, braids, twist-outs and braid-outs. (Good for beards too!)

Use this butter to calm an irritated, itchy scalp and reduce flaking and dandruff. Just massage it directly into your scalp.

Does it promote hair growth?

Absolutely! Mango Cocoa Blended Butter strengthens strands, leading to consistent hair growth.


Raw cocoa butter, mango butter, raw shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil

Watch this video for 8 ways you can use BGLH Marketplace butters on your hair, face and skin.

9 reviews for Mango Cocoa Shea Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

  1. NI

    I love this butter, the smell kind of reminded me of pineapple faintly but it’s still really good!

  2. DeAndra (verified owner)

    The consistency of this butter is unmatched. It goes on so smooth and smells like natural cocoa butter. I love this product. It keeps me moisturized all day.

  3. carolyn (verified owner)

    this butter is absolutely amazing – the combination of butters makes it vanish nearly instantly, smell great, moisturize and soften. i use it on body and hair. just get it, you’ll love it.

  4. Chrissy (verified owner)

    I love the smell of this! It smells like chocolate!

  5. Priscilla (verified owner)

    I LOVE this product! I live in utah and It’s so dry here. I’ve tried multiple Shea butters and this is the only one that doesn’t leave my hands oily after applying it. It’s also the only one that has me moisturized ALL DAY! Thank youuu!

  6. ashleyvalentina (verified owner)

    This is my favorite butter because you get all the benefits of the unrefined shea butter and unrefined cocoa butter plus the benefits of the mango butter. It smells amazing too! Like a rich deep chocolate. I havent used lotion since June 2020, ever since I started using BGLH Marketplace’s products I only use their butter and it really is the best. This butter is my absolute favorite though and has me smelling incredible and has my skin super moisturized!! Will be using this until the day I die <3

  7. nicrn78 (verified owner)

    This combo is one of my favorites! It’s so light and goes on easy. I love the way it makes my skin look and feel.

  8. TH (verified owner)

    THE TEXTURE. Not that it’s a competition, but this one wins. Hands down the best formula for my skin. Deserves a gold star and all of the blue ribbon awards.

  9. QT

    Oh my goodness! I love the mango, cocoa, and shea blended body butter. The texture is so creamy and rich that it glides right onto the skin. This is definitely going to be my new favorite body butter, if you haven’t tried it, get it your skin and scalp will be so happy. I love using my body butter from BGLH Marketplace because the ingredients are natural and I don’t have to worry about my skin breaking out or becoming irritated. I love slathering it all over my body and using it on my scalp, and tresses. It has a variety of uses and a little goes a long way. I am a forever customer and now I have my father hooked on your products. He usually shops for butter with a company I will abbreviate as TBS and he actually said “TBS is going to be put out of business” (lol!). I’m actually glad he is making the switch. Thank you for all that you do your body butter is truly the best.

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