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Cocoa Shea Blended Butter

4.92 out of 5 based on 25 customer ratings
(25 customer reviews)


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A long-lasting, deeply penetrating moisturizer for both skin and hair, powered by a duo of shea and cocoa butter.

Whipped to a light, fluffy texture that absorbs right into the skin and hair. It has a delicious natural chocolate scent. A little goes a long way and a few dabs will have your body glowing and smelling divine.

Soften and moisturize, reduce scarring, blemishes and stretch marks, and relieve eczema and psoriasis. Gentle enough to be used as a lip balm.

Apply after a wash or condition to smooth and soften strands, define curl pattern and lock in moisture. Works great for twists, braids, twist-outs and braid-outs. (Good for beards too!)

Absolutely! Cocoa Shea Blended Butter strengthens strands, leading to consistent hair growth.

Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil

Watch this video for 8 ways you can use BGLH Marketplace butters on your hair, face and skin.

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Weight 1 lbs

12 oz, 6 oz

25 reviews for Cocoa Shea Blended Butter

  1. Avatar

    Alethia (verified owner)

    I love how this melts on my skin. The smell is pretty nice as well! A little goes a long way.

  2. Avatar

    Sabrina Tafoya-Spence (verified owner)

    Amazing product! I’m on my second jar! A little bit goes a long way. It’s really helped my dry skin during the winter months and my husbands eczema has greatly improved.

  3. Avatar

    Kenya Setzer (verified owner)

    I just got my whipped butter today. I have to tell myself to stop using it, because I love it so much. Lol. I love the way it makes my skin feel and the sheen it leaves.

  4. Avatar

    Chibeze (verified owner)

    I have been using this butter for about 6 months now with great results. My skin is very soft and smooth. I have keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) and noticed recently that my bumps have reduced and do not feel rough anymore, especially on my elbows. Actually no area of my skin feels rough anymore! I wish I had taken a before and after picture of my elbows as proof , ha!

    I enjoy the rich chocolate scent when I am applying it but the smell does not last for long which is perfect for those like me who with scent free workplaces.

  5. Paige

    Paige (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this butter (and many others) but as a natural I have been using this butter as a sealant for my hair and Honey let me tell you! I can’t express how moisturized my hair has been!! I’m relieved and happy to finally have a product that aids in my hair retaining moisture. I’ll be a customer for life!💙 Blessings to this company and many more to you Ms.Noelliste.

  6. Avatar (verified owner)

    I have very sensitive, reactive dry skin on my body. I go through butters looking for something that will keep my skin moisturized. This is an excellent product. It was well packaged and emulsifies very easily. My skin drinks it up and the scent is very natural and not overpowering. I will absolutely repurchase, excellent quality and timely shipping.

  7. Avatar

    kenyadscott (verified owner)

    This is the best stuff ever!! I have been looking for something to lock in moisture and make my skin soft and smooth. I am in my 40s and I am trying to keep my skin healthy. I haven’t tried it for my hair yet but I am sure it will do wonders for my hair as well. I love the coco butter smell to this. I am not a big fan of coco butter scent but this here is not overpowering. Will purchase again.

  8. Avatar

    Rasheeda Al-Badee’ (verified owner)

    Good Stuff! Cleared my 2 month old daughters open sore eczema and made her skin baby soft again!!! Bless you all 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  9. Avatar

    kiannam15 (verified owner)

    Ordered this for my brother and he’s extremely picky on what he uses on his skin but he loves this so much. Gave this to him as a sample and now he’s in love with this and gave up his other products. Amazing!!

  10. Avatar

    Teresa (verified owner)

    This is great moisture for my dry skin. Has replaced all of my lotion.

  11. Avatar

    Montara (verified owner)

    LOOOOOVE! I have used many different shea products and this whipped version is far beyond any other! It feels good when I apply it. Although initially, I thought that the produce would not absorb the way I liked but I was wrong. The scent of the cocoa butter is profound but goes away over a small amount of time. My skin feels nourished and soft since I have been using this product.

  12. Avatar

    Rosemary54c (verified owner)

    I love this coca butter and shea blended. Love the smell and make your skin feel soft an go on so smooth. Been using a few months now and really tell the different from other drugstore lotion.. This butter so much better for your skin. I am in love withbit, also use it on my hair it’s great.

  13. Avatar

    Stephanie (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this butter! We first sampled the product with the 2.5oz size, and my family fell in love with it. We now order the 12oz because we use this as our sole body moisturizer. We even use it on our hair during out night time routines. We initially used it as a facial moisturizer, but now we use the Lemon Creme without the Almond Oil. Thank you for your care in quality products; my family is forever done with lotions.

  14. Avatar

    Tarisha (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Cocoa Shea blended butter. I love the smell and the way it makes my skin feels.

  15. Avatar

    bfap99 (verified owner)

    I am a man ‚who is very picky about the products I put on my skin.For years I had been using coco butter body butter by THE BODY SHOP, which I loved until they changed the formula. So I have been looking for something since then.A friend who lives in N.y. recommended this.As so as I put some on my arm…JACKPOT! My skin never felt this smooth ‚I coundnt believe it.Not to mention the sheen it left.I immediately placed my order.I had a coworker feel my arm,she said it felt “As smooth as a baby’s ass”.

  16. Avatar

    Courtney (verified owner)

    ❤️ I love it…leaves you feeling smooth & smells delicious

  17. Avatar

    Kristin (verified owner)

    This product smells sooooooo good. I had to buy a separate one for my family because I didn’t want to share. Looking forward to a visit to Brooklyn soon so I can get some items in person!

  18. Avatar

    Ava Brown (verified owner)

    I chose this one to use after my bath or shower. It’s soooo flipping good! I love my skin (not that I didn’t before) because everything that’s on me is now natural. WOO HOO!

  19. Avatar

    Sidney (verified owner)

    This company continues to blow my mind. This product, as everyone I’ve purchased, has exceeded my expectations.
    BGLH keeps me classy…NOT ASHEY!

    • Avatar

      Black Girl With Long Hair

      Wow. Thank you so much! And we will keep working at exceeding your expectations!

  20. Avatar

    kai (verified owner)

    I ordered a sample and from the first dip of my finger in the product I IMMEDIATELY regretted not ordering a larger size! This is the lightest, fluffiest, most whipped butter I’ve ever used! It went on so smooth on my face and it left my face feeling so soft! I tried it in my hair and left my hair light and fluffy and feels very moisturized. I was back ordering the larger size within 2 days! I think I’ve met my Holy Grail moisturizer!

  21. Avatar

    Dejah (verified owner)

    I was excited to get the coco Shea butter my skin loves it smell delicious my skin glowing feeling so healthy thank you so much 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  22. Avatar

    Rex (verified owner)

    Used this growing up and am so thrilled to be using it again. I love cocoa butters smell, and whipped is my favorite formula. Plus who doesn’t want to support Black woman owned business?

  23. Avatar

    Katie (verified owner)

    I was skeptical to buy a cocoa scent lotion. Most smell like a bad tootie roll. This one smells amazing! Like real cocoa I could almost eat it. It is work great wonders on my baby bump. I will continue to purchase!!

  24. Avatar

    Taneshia (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this product. I purchased it because of a acne treatment I’m going through is severely drying out my skin and the moisturizer my dermatologist recommended broke me out. My skin is really sensitive. I cant use anything with SPF in. So I was looking for a more natural product and someone recommended this and I am very pleased.

  25. Avatar

    Felicia Smith (verified owner)

    This product smelled heavenly. Unfortunately, I opted not to do the weather proof shipping because even though I am in Georgia and it was cooler when I ordered it…by the time it came we were in warmer days. Which is typical of Georgia.

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