Tired of Applying Lotion and Still Being Ashy?

There is nothing more frustrating than looking down at your ankles or knuckles on a busy day and finding that — despite having applied lotion — they are ashy, white and bone dry. This is especially common during the winter months. The truth is that many lotions just aren’t up to the task of providing deep, penetrating, long-lasting moisture.

Our whipped butters contain two basic components: butter and oil. It’s a rich mixture with absolutely no filler. Working in small batches, we whip the butter for more than an hour so it is light, airy and sinks right into the skin.

It is the perfect combination of richness and absorbency — all the benefits of butter and oil with none of the heaviness and greasiness.

It’s no wonder that the moisturizing properties of our butters are so commonly mentioned in product reviews.

Here’s a sampling (click name to be taken to original review);

The lavender butter is perfectly whipped and smells soooo good. It lasts on my skin throughout the day. A very good product to use during winter months for extra moisture against cold weather. — Chawntea Palmore on Lavender Whipped Shea Butter

Literally the most amazing thing I’ve ever put on my skin (or hair)! Soft, fluffy and luscious. I am crazy about these products! It’s like lotion for your hair but , easy to put on, not too greasy but still has PLENTY of moisture packed into each scoop. The texture is unbelievable. It’s like a cloud, definitely sent from angels. I’ve never tried whipped shea butter before and this is the way to go. — Nialena on Whipped Butters 2.5 oz Sample Pack

Love this shea butter and I especially love the scent, a hint of vanilla but not overwhelming. I have extremely dry skin and this has been a good product to lock in enough moisture, but not too greasy at the same time. I would highly recommend! — Gabby on Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter

I can only say I’m totally satisfied. I’m sold. I set out to find me a true replacement for what I was previously using in my skin, Batch Body Works. I’ve just placed my 2nd order for 3 more scents to add to my collection. I see no more dry ashy skin & have to wonder did I ever use a skin moisturizer. Thank you! — MsKColes on Whipped Butters 2.5 oz Sample Pack


For too long people have felt that ashy, dry skin in cold weather is unavoidable. It isn’t! And our butters prove that.

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Since our founding in 2014 we have shipped to more than 15,000 customers in the United States, Canada and Europe. Everything is made from scratch and by hand at our Brooklyn facility (click here for a cool video of our butter being whipped!)

Although we are a handmade company we strive for quick fulfillment. 90% of our orders ship out within 2 business days. If it takes longer than that it means we are still creating items for your order. You can call (312) 448-3343 to get real time updates.






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