8 Reasons BGLH Marketplace Whipped Butters Make the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Gifting has always been a popular use for our butters. This summer our butters were used as favors for two weddings, a bridal shower and a 25th anniversary celebration.

One of the customers who purchased our butters for his wedding was kind enough to share photos (you can see more here.)

Credit: Ashleigh Bing Photography

There are several reasons why our butters make the perfect gifts and favors for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers and ‘just because’.

1. The packaging is beautiful and colorful
The packaging on our products is beautiful and inviting. We even have customers who color coordinate our labels with their events. For example, a customer purchased 50 Grapefruit Whipped Shea Butters because the pink labels corresponded with a breast cancer awareness event she was putting on.

2. Our products are also beautiful on the inside
Aesthetically striking once you open the jar, our fluffy whipped butters look good enough to eat.

3. Our butters get a lot of use
Our butters aren’t a vanity gift that will be used once or twice then tossed. They are product that can and will be used every day on hair, skin, beard or nails — especially in the cold fall and winter months.

4. They are perfect for all ages
Our customers range from infants to the elderly because the need for healthy, supple skin and hair is lifelong. Whether you are gifting our butters at a baby shower or a parent’s birthday, they are a timely and appropriate gift.

5. Our butters are available in a variety of sizes
Each of our butters is available in 5 sizes, giving you flexibility in how to package and present them. The teeny and 0.9 oz sizes are perfect as stocking stuffers and party favors.

6. They are the perfect care package item for college students
Between the difficulty of getting transportation and limited budgets college students have a notoriously difficult time finding good quality beauty products. Our butters make the perfect care package item. We have several customers who regularly ship our butters to their children in college.

7. They are perfect for babies/new mothers
Our butters are a hit at baby showers because they provide so many uses for infants. They can be used as a diaper rash cream, all body moisturizer and hair sealant. Our butters are food grade and non-toxic, with no synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or preservatives. They are gentle enough to be used on baby’s skin.

8. They are affordable
Gifting doesn’t have to be costly. Our prices are competitive and bulk orders get between 25 and 50% off their purchase.

Order your BGLH Marketplace butter for a loved one or event today! Click here to shop.


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