Whipped Butters 2.5 OZ Sample Pack — Pick 5

(58 customer reviews)

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We have so many lovely butters, it can be hard to choose just one. The sample pack is perfect for those who can’t decide or just like variety.

Product Quantity

Baby Powder Blended Butter

2.5 oz

Candy Blended Butter

2.5 oz

Cocoa Shea Blended Butter

A powerful combination of raw cocoa butter and pure shea butter. Customers call this our 'hot chocolate butter' for its delicious smell.

2.5 oz

Coconut Lime Whipped Mango Butter

2.5 oz

Coconut Whipped Shea Butter

2.5 oz

Gingerbread Blended Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

2.5 oz

Grapefruit Whipped Shea Butter

2.5 oz

Ice Cream Blended Butter

2.5 oz

Lavender Whipped Shea Butter

Moisturize your skin and remove scars and blemishes while receiving the calming aromatherapy benefits of lavender essential oil. This whipped butter contains no synthetic chemicals, and can be used on both hair and skin.

2.5 oz

Lavender & Cocoa Blended Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

2.5 oz

Lemon & Lavender Blended Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

2.5 oz

Lemon Cream Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

2.5 oz

Lemongrass Whipped Shea Butter

2.5 oz

Mango Cocoa Shea Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

For years our customers have asked us for a product that combines mango, cocoa and shea butter. It's finally here!

2.5 oz

Mango Shea Blended Butter

2.5 oz

Mint Chocolate Body Butter

2.5 oz

Mocha Latte Blended Butter

2.5 oz

Olive Oil Whipped Cocoa Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

2.5 oz

Orange Creamsicle Whipped Shea Butter

2.5 oz

Orange Grapefruit Whipped Shea Butter

Smells like a fresh squeezed cup of orange juice and absorbs beautifully into skin. Use it for aromatherapy, and to keep skin glowing all day long. Powerful enough to relieve conditions like eczema, psoriasis and hyper pigmentation, gentle enough to be used on young children.

2.5 oz

Peppermint Whipped Shea Butter

2.5 oz

Rose Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

2.5 oz

Sandalwood & Bergamot Blended Butter

2.5 oz

Smoked Tobacco and Vanilla Blended Butter

2.5 oz

Unscented Whipped Shea Butter

Our Unscented Whipped Shea Butter is perfect for those who want the long-lasting moisture of raw shea butter without any added fragrance. This butter contains just 3 ingredients, no synthetic chemicals and can be used on both hair and skin.

2.5 oz

Vanilla Latte Blended Butter

2.5 oz

Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter

Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter is our all-time best seller. Many customers liken its subtle, sweet fragrance to a fresh scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Its light, fluffy texture makes it easy to apply, and a little bit goes a long way. Just a few dabs will have you glowing.

The coconut oil-free version of this butter contains responsibly sourced palm oil.

Watch the video below for 8 ways to use Vanilla Whipped Shea on your hair, face and skin.


2.5 oz

Whipped Cocoa Butter

The perfect alternative to watery cocoa butter lotions, or raw cocoa butter wedges that are hard to spread. Our Whipped Cocoa Butter has just four ingredients -- raw cocoa butter, raw shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil -- whipped for an hour in a commercial grade mixer to make it soft, spreadable and highly absorbent.

2.5 oz

Whipped Mango Butter

2.5 oz

The Woods Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

2.5 oz


Long-lasting, deeply penetrating moisturizers for both skin and hair.

Whipped to a light, fluffy texture that absorbs right into skin and hair. Very fragrant (unless you select an unscented product.) A little goes a long way, a few dabs will have your body glowing and smelling divine. (Mango butter does not smell like mango. It comes from the seed of the fruit, not the flesh. It has a slight, almost imperceptible leafy/green smell.)

Soften and moisturize, reduce scarring, blemishes and stretch marks, and relieve eczema and psoriasis. Gentle enough to be used as a lip balm.

Apply after a wash or condition to smooth and soften strands, define curl pattern and lock in moisture. Works great for twists, braids, twist-outs and braid-outs. (Good for beards too!)

Absolutely! BGLH Marketplace Whipped Butters strengthen strands, leading to consistent hair growth.

Watch this video for 8 ways you can use BGLH Marketplace Whipped Butters on your hair, face and skin.

58 reviews for Whipped Butters 2.5 OZ Sample Pack — Pick 5

  1. Natalie D. (verified owner)

    This option allows you to try various blends and scents without the long-term commitment. Don’t get me wrong – I buy the larger sizes too.

    I like that it travels well too and can fit it my small hand/overnight bag.

  2. Kiara (verified owner)

    These butters are the BEST! They just melt right into your skin and make you feel so soft.

  3. Andrea (verified owner)

    My preferred body care for my whole family and hair care for my toddler. Love these products. They feel great, keep our skin and hair nourished and the service is always top-notch. I’ve used for years and will continue to do so.

  4. Thea (verified owner)

    I love the sample packs! Such a good way to try out the different scents, I’ve almost tried all of them by now. Though it doesn’t sound like a lot, a few ounces will go a long way–and I use the butters daily. The scents are so nice but not overpowering once you put them on. I have loved all of the scents so far except “The Woods”–that one wasn’t bad, just too masculine for my taste. Gave that to my boyfriend and he loves it! I first ordered the butters when it was cooler weather and they came to me perfectly filled to the top and whipped/blended. However, now that the weather is much hotter out they arrived melted (I did *not* get temperature control when shipping, so this is my fault!). But it was super easy to pop them in the freezer for a few hours and then let them come to room temp–the butters still smell and feel amazing, just not the same consistency. This doesn’t affect my glowing review though, just wanted to let other people know if you live in a warmer climate they may come melted if you don’t get the temperature option at shipping! Will definitely be purchasing these regularly <3

  5. sanaaz_gg (verified owner)

    From the very first time I tried this product I knew that I was going to like it. All the scents are unique, and very lasting. I’m in love with the mocha latte. I guess you can say I love my coffee. I have made another purchase since this one. I hope you start making body oils in these scents.

  6. UNIQUELY DESIGNED (verified owner)

    I’ve only started ordering these wonderful butters only weeks ago and I’m hooked! They first of all smell nice. The truth is that they’re light weight and absorb into your skin without feeling sticky. You definitely have a customer for life! I can’t wait until I have the chance to come into the store! Big up to black owned small business! Keep in doing what you do sis!

  7. Kathleen (verified owner)

    As a 70 year-old European American woman, I have different issues from many of the customers here. That being said, the products are wonderful! The scents are intense and true to what they purport to be. There are no better butters for your skin than pure shea and pure cocoa (except maybe tallow, but that’s another story). This set is a great place to start if you are not sure what you want. Even though my hair is straight & my scalp is oily, my hair needs oil treatments, especially on the ends. My arms are crepey & these butters work better than creams made for crepe. My son has extremely dry, ashy, cracked hands & loves the butters.

  8. Amanda Kosina (verified owner)

    Wonderful body butters! Also, I have tried on my hair, specifically towards the ends, and these do hydrate very well and, surprisingly, absorb very well into my hair (I say surprisingly considering all the oils in the product, so a very pleasant surprise!). I really love all the scents I got, and in Florida, with the protected shipping, they all showed up fine! I definitely will be purchasing again in the future (these 5 2.5 oz though are a LOT of product that will keep me good for a while now though lol). I also plan on getting these as gifts in the future for friends and family. These are so hydrating, and there are so many females in my family who constantly need this hydration specifically for our hands, cuticles, and elbows. 🙂

  9. Carla L (verified owner)

    I couldn’t decide on just 3 scents so I went with the 5! It was still tough to narrow down. When I read wives them, I immediately opened them all and wow they smell so good! I got: coconut & lime, grapefruit, lavender, rose, and sandalwood bergamot. I haven’t had a chance to try them all yet but, they all smell so amazing! I have used rose and grapefruit so far. I expected them to be a little softer due to the “whipped” in the name but, just let it sit in your hands a bit and they melt and soften up pretty quickly. I use them for arms & legs mostly right after a shower. Hoping that it will help a few scars fade more but, that will take time. Even though I use this for most of my body, you really don’t need much as once it melts a bit it spreads pretty easily. Definitely will buy again and looking forward to trying some more scents. Highly recommend!

  10. Carlin (verified owner)

    Day 1 and I already know I want these butters in my life FOREVER & need to try more scents!! So we tried the whipped cocoa butter which smells like chocolate and I swear I could be tripping but I’m pretty sure my stretch marks already look better and I am literally using this for the first time today. I also tried the mango butter which is also delectable and the grapefruit which is also amazing and smells awesome. For the other two we tried some masculine scents for my man and the woods scent literally smells like the woods (in a good way) and I love the sandalwood and bergamot for him because it just smells like a nice scent for men. We will definitely be repeat customers!! Ps I honestly thought the containers were going to be smaller or not filled very much because they are smaller sampler sized and being shipped, however each container was all the way full and seemed bigger than I expected I believe because of how lightweight these products really are. I think it’s a great value and would buy even bigger sizes because this stuff 1000% beats anything down at the grocery store for real

  11. Gabrielle (verified owner)

    Bought the 5 Piece Sample Pack and STILL had trouble deciding. They all smell so delicious and natural, and the scent is also not overpowering. The whipping makes these so spreadable on my skin, and already after just a few days the winter dryness is disappearing! Next I’m going to try on my scalp, as it tends to get irritated and I have some hair fall… Will update in a couple of months!

  12. Katherine (verified owner)

    I love the sample pack that I ordered. The sizes are very generous! Everything that I chose smells amazing and has left my skin super soft! My favs are the vanilla and the sandalwood & bergamot.

  13. Bailey

    These are AMAZING! My 1 and 5 year olds inherited my sensitive skin and finding products I can trust (and pronounce all the ingredients)is not always easy. I was shocked at how quickly these absorb and how long our skin feels buttery soft afterwards (even after a shower). My kids love a post-bath, pre-bed rub down with the Lavender whipped shea. They smell amazingly clean, they drift off to sleep peacefully and I know their skin is well loved. I should have gone with bigger sizes!

  14. Jasmine Carino (verified owner)

    Ordered a bundle awhile back with some of the holiday scents and I was so happy with the result! I have eczema and paired with dry winter air, it leaves me needing something extra moisturizing. These butters did the trick, without having to sacrifice amazing scents or paying ridiculous prices. Once I run out, I’m definitely going to be buying full size!

  15. Michelle U (verified owner)

    These butters are hands down my favorite body moisturizer. I am obsessed with them and have been collecting the little samples to try them all. The coffee scented ones (mocha and vanilla latte) smell like a Starbucks drive thru. The coconut lime one is fantastic. I use them to give massages, as a leave in conditioner, and to all around motivate myself to stay living during this Covid nightmare. It’s probably my fault that they got so overwhelmed with shipping over the holidays. I made several separate orders. :/

  16. Lynn (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough about how amazing these lotions are. The scents are yummy and the cream just sinks into your skin. Bought 3 and they quickly became my favorites so I had to go back and get 5 more as well as some for gifts.❤️❤️❤️

  17. Kate (verified owner)

    I love these! I know I’m not exactly the target audience, but they are great on my skin! I think next time I’ll try the (unscented) mango one, but these should last me quite a while!

  18. elizabeth.avery.walworth (verified owner)

    The sample packs are a great way to introduce yourself to a bunch of scents. The quality of all of BGLH’s products are amazing and simply better than any other cream I’ve tried for handling my eczema. A little goes a long way and tubs last a long time- you get your money’s worth. The scents do not linger all day in my experience but are a joy for up to two hours after applying. I’ve been able to try 8 now and I’m going to rank my favorites. I do prefer more herbal/earthy scents for reference.
    1. Sandalwood and Bergamot – This smells AMAZING. It’s a unisex scent that puts a smile on my face whenever I notice it. Warm and classic and slightly citrusy.
    2. Mocha Latte- The scent is rich and smells like a hot cup of espresso.
    3.Coconut Lime- I’m not usually a huge fan of citrus but this scent (and I have a feeling most of BGLH’s citrus scents) really knock it out of the park. I can’t wait to try grapefruit. It smells like a margarita.
    4.Rose- It’s a very delicate rosewater scent (real rose not synthetic) and It’s lovely but it can be too floral for me sometimes.
    5.The Woods- This woodsy heavy scent evokes Christmas morning to me or a winter walk here in Maine- perfect for snowy weather.
    6.Lemon & Lavender- I was so excited to try this and I know it’s some other’s favorite scent but to it smells too busy and too clean to me. The scents overpower rather than compliment each other – I’m going to try the separate lemon and lavender scents when I have a chance but the combo while not bad smelling at all is not my favorite.
    7.Ice Cream- I find this overwhelming but it becomes more pleasant after the scent has a chance to mellow. It smells like a bakery-EXACTLY like vanilla buttercream frosting.
    8.Mango Butter- this one’s unscented- still an amazing product but silly me thought there would be a mango scent to it.
    I would love to try more earthy “men’s/unisex” scents- but it seems there are very few of these. Also a Mango scent would be awesome!

  19. Kayara (verified owner)

    These are incredible. The scents and the texture are amazing, they just melt into your skin without feeling greasey. I got the vanilla latte, mocha latte, gingerbread, lemongrass, and lemon & lavender. I could’ve lived without the lemon & lavender, it was definitely not for me. But the vanilla latte was so good I came back and ordered it in a 12 oz.

  20. Great Consistency Light Aromas (verified owner)

    I love the creamy texture and how moisturizing the product feels when applied. Definitely great for dry skin. I have also applied it to my scalp but I haven’t seen much benefits per se. Some of the scents like Coconut Lime, Grapefruit, Peppermint and Rose are lightly aromatic and perfect. Others like Lavender and Whipped Mango butter have really muted scents if any but the product consistency is still good nonetheless. Now that I have been able to try different scents in the small jars, I know which ones to buy in larger sizes so that’s definitely a plus.

  21. Helen (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these whipped butters! They are the beat in the market that I have tried. I put them on my body right after I shower and my skin feels so soft and last throughout the day. I live in Chicago and that says a lot considering our winters. Next, I tried in my hair (which is natural) My hair was so soft and the definition of my twist out was fantastic. I gifted my mom and sister a sample jar. They love it too! So outside of the beautiful, comfy scent that warms me (love the vanilla, cocoa and ice cream scents), it is truly an effective product that absorbs into your skin and hair and nourish them. I can’t wait to receive the new scents I ordered, esp the vanilla latte. I will continue to support this company and hoping for its continued success during these Covid times.

  22. Skye_Q (verified owner)

    I love everything about these butters. The scent is amazing, they’re super moisturizing, and I am absolutely in love with the texture. Every time I use them, I’m amazed at the feel of it on my skin. I got eight different scents, I am working through the coconut and grapefruit right now, they smell amazing. A little really does go a long way.

  23. Kate (verified owner)

    I’m sad to say that out of the five I received, I could only really smell two of them, and just a little bit. I do like a lot of fragrance, but there was barely a trace of scent to the products. Anyway, they feel very nice, I can always add my own essential oils for more kick I guess.

  24. Chantel manning (verified owner)

    All of the scents were amazing, and the butter is so smooth and hydrating! I love them!

  25. Erin (verified owner)

    Scents were all loved by the people I was giving them too. They work great on my family’s eczema and dry skin, and my sibling and I have loved them for our thick wavy/curly hair. I use a little on the tips because they get really dry and brittle and this helps keep the moisture in longer.

  26. meli.mart (verified owner)

    Ordered 5 different scents. Not impressed @ all. They smell good initially, but the scent of all of them don’t last even an hour!! Wouldn’t buy again.

    • Black Girl With Long Hair

      Hi Meli,

      Thanks for the purchase and the feedback! While we scent our butters deliciously (lol) we use essential oils that need to be diluted a certain amount in each mixture or else they are dangerous for the skin. We dilute our essential oils enough that they provide peak aromatherapy benefit without being over-saturated and causing damage. Because we do not use synthetic/perfume oils, we have to be careful the amount of essential oils we use. Despite the smell being fainter than you would like I hope you were able to enjoy the deep moisture and skin-healing benefits.


  27. GabbyJ (verified owner)

    So far I’ve only used the lemon butter but they all smell really good and I definitely plan on using them all. Especially for my knees and elbows. They (At least the lemon butter) moisturize quickly and doesn’t feel greasy on my skin.

  28. dnthcrawford (verified owner)

    I e been a customer for almost two years now, and decided that in addition to gifting the favs for everyone this year, I’d go out on a limb, out of my comfort zone and try new scents ( new to me ????) So glad I did, because lemongrass has a new place in my rotation! Thank you, as always BGLH marketplace for providing such a wonderful, rich product!

  29. Mikesa (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these butters! I’ve been using them on my body for little over a year now and they leave my skin so soft and well moisturized but not oily. I started using them in my hair for about 4 months and they are amazing. My hair so soft, moisturized and it makes my twist and twist outs look beautiful!!!

  30. Shirlisa (verified owner)

    My order was excellent and I was very pleased with the Lemongrass Whipped Butter. I will be ordering larger amounts of whipped butters.

  31. Mikesa (verified owner)

    Love the way it just melts on my skin.

  32. Mikesa (verified owner)

    I love all my butters and scents. They make my skin so soft.

  33. Teagan (verified owner)

    My whole house loves these! She ships her products neatly and quickly every single time. Never been disappointed yet! Highly recommend you try her stuff!

  34. Larri Mari (verified owner)

    First Scent:
    Whipped Mango Butter

    Second Scent:
    Cedarwood Whipped Shea Butter

    Third Scent:
    Lemongrass Whipped Shea Butter

    Fourth Scent:
    Grapefruit Whipped Shea Butter

    Fifth Scent:
    Sandalwood & Bergamot Blended Butter

    I love the scents. I love the how moisturized my skin feels. My friends have been trying to take the Sandalwood and Bergamot from me! Great product!

  35. Satin (verified owner)

    I love my whipped shea butters. I always wanted to try them and now that I have I can’t go back to the regular (hard) shea butter. NO COMPLAINTS!!

  36. WildSmile (verified owner)

    Love Love Love!!! These butters are absolutely awesome! I’ve been telling everyone in earshot about my new find! Bye Bye Body Shop butter! These make my skin feel baby soft and look so wonderful! I can’t wait to use them in the winter as they melt on my skin and warm me up. It’s been so hot, mine melted! But I stuck them in the fridge for a bit and was able to use them again. The consistency and coloring changed slightly, but they’re still good to go! The lemongrass and mint chocolate are my faves! #Winning

  37. Laurenthia (verified owner)

    Great product! My skin feels moisturized and healthy for the first time in years. I’m even noticing minor skin irritations healing and see blemishes fading. Love this stuff -seriously.

  38. Jean (verified owner)

    I purchased the sample pack – I liked 4 out of 5 – Lavender not so much

  39. Amber (verified owner)

    I can’t express how much I LOVE this product!!! It took a little longer than I expected to get to Texas where I’m at but it was worth the wait. The scents I chose were all very lovely, however the vanilla wasn’t my fave, everything else was grade A. I’m almost done with my 3oz containers I purchased for my body and will most defiantly be ordering the larger 12oz ones real soon. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT MY FAVORITE BUY OF 2017!!!!!

  40. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Ordered the 5 pack for my 2 daughters’ long, thick, 4c hair. I LOVE these butters! The smooth, creamy/fluffy consistency is so easy to apply on their hair for sealing! Leaves their hair so soft, shiny and moisturized!
    * I do wish that the different scents were stronger, though(- 1 star). They are very faintly scented. Next time I will probably just get a large jar of the “unscented” and then mix smaller jars with my favorite scented essential oils. I will be able to create stronger aromas to my liking.
    I highly recommend these butters, they are WONDERFUL!

  41. Teayra (verified owner)

    I got the 5 sample pack and I love my butters. The lemongrass is my favorite and it helps my skin to be extra smooth and it smells amazing. ????

  42. Lamont kizzie (verified owner)

    I purchased this product as a gift for my wife…AND SHE LOVED IT!!! This was the first time i ordered from this company but it wont be the last. Everyone who reads this review do not hesitate to order. Put your black dollar back into a black hand and watch a nation rise.

  43. Anthony (verified owner)

    I bought the sample pack and I am very pleased. I have used all the butters on twits outs for my hair and other members of my family. Will be purchasing more!!

  44. Veronica (verified owner)

    I bought the sample pack . I love this shea butter its so smooth and creamy. I use it on my skin and hair. They have a soft scent. Plan to order more and buying more sample pacs to give away as gifts.

  45. charlie (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered shea butters from im always pleased beyond words. The product is of the highest quality and I use them from head to toe on myself and my son.

  46. Michelle (verified owner)

    So light and lavishly moisturizing, these butters are phenomenal! Customer service on the other hand, not so much (thus 3 stars). I sent an email with a question re changes to my order, even sent a follow up. No response. That was several weeks ago and still not even an acknowledgement of my question. Extremely disheartening, especially when trying to support a small black-owned business. I wanted to purchase more of these butters as gifts, but have to put that idea on the back burner for now.

  47. LD (verified owner)

    I ordered the lavendar, lemongrass, and bergamot, cedarwood. The lemongrass has the best scent strength. The bergamot actually smells as if the bergamot oil was left out and has no smell. The butters are great on skin and scalp and provide a beautiful glow to the skin. The butters didn’t penetrate my hair as much as I would have liked. The package came when expected and the butters were in their whipped state. My sister especially liked the lemongrass scent.

  48. Keshia

    I bought the 5 sample butters and they were awesome! My order came very quickly which was great. I love each and every butter they leave my skin super smooth and they absorb quickly. I bought the lemongrass (my favorite), orange creamsicle, vanilla (I wish I could smell the vanilla a little more),grapefruit, and the cocoa butter. The butters are great especially for the winter months. I use them primarily on my skin, but I did try the vanilla one on my twist out and I LOVED the results my hair was so soft. I have told all of my friends about these products.

  49. Anonymous

    It arrived in the mail very quickly. I love this stuff. I have very dry skin and put it on my skin and it just melt on the skin. It is very moisturizing and it has very good staying power. I will be ordering more and recommending you to all my friends and family.

  50. Anonymous

    I’ve used whipped shea butter before and this falls in line with the other good ones I have purchased. Nice consistency and fragrance.

  51. Nichu

    I love the samples

  52. Sheree

    I love your mixture and the scents are Devine. I use them not just in my hair but on my skin as well and there is no irritation. Just think I have sensitive skin. Thank You very much
    p.s I have also recommended/introduced you to my coworkers and family.

  53. Charisse

    I picked up my products from the Post Office and immediately tore into the box. I opened each container and was greeted by out of this world fragrances. The smell was so good that I sat in the car, closed my eyes, and smelled each container again! I am not disappointed in any of the fragrances. I can’t wait to start using my Shea butter. I definitely plan to purchase larger sizes in the near future.

  54. Ebony

    I ordered 2 sample packs so I could try every scent offered. I’ve been making my own whipped shea butter for years and I no longer plan to do that thanks to BGLH. They whipped the hell out of this butter! It’s so light and fluffy. I love it. The sample sizes are huge. I’ve shared them with family, friends, and coworkers, all were impressed.

  55. Kandee

    I give the Sample pack of five, five stars. I love the smell, texture and absorbent quality of this product. I love it in my skin, and so does my sister. She bought the 3 sample pack on here through my account. She loved my Vanilla so much she had to buy her own pack! She just kept rubbing it on her skin then she just fell in love..! I would definitely buy again. Neither my sister or I like the Lavender scent that’s why I rated this pack 4 out of 5 stars. Lavender I will use regardless because the product is still good. I will be buying from here again in the future. ☺

  56. T.E

    I love how soft & fluffy this shea butter is and the scents are great as well. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because I didn’t receive the cocoa sample pack that was suppose to come with my order.

  57. toyabg

    I wrote a long review on the shea butter. To make it short I loved it and now Im going to try the unscented shea

  58. Daphne

    I found this Shea butter to be just has described. It was very smooth & creamy, made with quality ingredients.

    I received the following scents: Cocoa, Ginger, Lavender, Vanilla, & Lemongrass. All carried their scents well except the Lavender could use more essential oil (was a bit bland).

    All in all, I love this product, also it shipped very quickly.

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