A few days ago we released our annual customer survey.

60% of customers view our products as a necessity.

And 70% believe that our products go above and beyond.

But one stat stood out to me…

31% of customers say they struggle to moisturize consistently. And of that number, 54% say it’s due to a mix of laziness and exhaustion.

And we get it. When life gets hectic, taking the time to properly moisturize can feel daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips to save time in your routine. 

1. Try multi-use products: Look for products that offer multiple benefits, such as combining moisturizing with sun protection or anti-aging. This allows you to tackle many skincare needs at once, saving time. Our products are designed to be multi-use; our body oils can be used as facial moisturizers. And our whipped butters can be used as a hair cream, blemish reducer, under-eye cream, and medicated lotion.

2. Moisturize on damp skin: Apply whipped butter immediately after showering while your skin is still damp. This not only locks in precious moisture, it allows the product to spread quickly and easily on skin.

3. Use body oil instead of body butter: Body oil can moisturize deeply with just a few drops, making it a time-saving alternative to whipped butter. Just remember that body oil will slide off of very damp/wet skin so it is best applied on skin that is lightly damp.

4. Carry a sample size moisturizer: If there isn’t enough time for you moisturize in the morning, carry one of our smaller sizes. They fit perfectly into purses, tote bags and backpacks so you can moisturize throughout the day as needed.

    There are so many benefits – both mental and physical – to regular moisturizing. So don’t give up! Use these tips and get a good routine going.

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