Guide to our Scents Pt 2: Ice Cream and Candy 🍭

Did you know we have more than 30 scents of whipped butter? That’s a lot (even for us 😬)! And so, over the next few days, we’ll be breaking them down to help you decide which one is for you! (Click here to check out part 1!) Here we go!

COCOA SHEA BLENDED BUTTER — Known as our “hot chocolate butter”, the Cocoa Shea, umm, blends the best of both worlds! (And what exactly, you might ask, makes a whipped butter ‘blended’? Well, when it has two or more butters in the base — cocoa, mango, or shea.)

“This blend of cocoa butter and shea butter is an excellent moisturizing treat for the skin. The moisturizing effects last a long time, a little goes a long way, and it smells amazing!” — Tobi-Velicia

ICE CREAM BLENDED BUTTER — similar (but not too similar) to the Cocoa Shea, with an added Vanilla scent. Some folks say: it really smells like ice cream 🍦— while others say it smells like vanilla cake 🍰, or caramel 🍮, or even a subdued whiff-y cocoa 🍪. (The only way to know for sure is: try it yourself! 😉)

“Makes my skin feel like silk. Feels like luxury lotion.” — Naya

CANDY BLENDED BUTTER — Mango and shea, plus a spiffy mix of essential oils. We say: it smells sweet, like licorice or hard candy; customers say it has a citrusy scent like lemongrass or pink lemonade. (Who are we to disagree? 😎)

“This is my favorite smelling one! It just melts on my skin. And it has helped my nails grow better. I know it sounds funny but I put it on my cuticles and my one nail that was injured now grows straight! I am really happy about that!” — Dee

GINGERBREAD BLENDED BUTTER — a warm and spicy holiday favorite, this butter smells like… a gingerbread cookie! Not everyone likes the smell, however, which may be why the recipe’s been tweaked — and paused — a few times since its introduction. (Allergen sufferers, though, take note: the Gingerbread Blended Butter is both coconut oil free and almond oil free!)

“Gorgeous. My daughters love this scent, and it works great for skin and hair as all the products here do.” — Laura

You’ve met a few of our butters, but we have many more to go! So this series is to be continued….


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