When I first discovered shea butter in the mid 2000s (back when Ne-Yo was topping the charts, lol!) I remember buying it in a plastic takeout container from the local beauty supply. It worked wonders on my hair and skin, but dealing with it was an ordeal. I had sticky fingers, a sticky bathroom counter, a greasy sheen on my skin. It wasn’t great…

That’s why, when I had the chance to formulate my own shea-based products, I wanted them to be as fluffy as possible — lighter than air — through hours of whipping. And yes, it took months to figure out, lol, but I eventually did. To this day, “lightweight” is one of the top ways people describe our products. Check it out;

“I love the smell of lemons and that is the scent I ordered. I get that fresh smell of lemons to start my day. This product is very light weight so you don’t feel like you’re using a product that will stain your clothing. A little goes a long way.” — Tanya

“This butter is light weight yet highly moisturizing and smells amazing!” — Kiera P. on Vanilla Whipped Shea

“I was looking for something for my dry winter skin and I came across this company on Instagram. I went with the vanilla whipped shea butter because I am a sucker for anything vanilla- and this is the most delicious smelling butter and it’s so soothing. I love it so much. I can’t believe how lightweight it is in the container yet it is so RICH. 100/10.” — Taylor D. on Vanilla Whipped Shea

“Seen my review from two years ago and I still stand by my words. It’s lightweight and my usual go-to for when I go to work. A couple of us have scent allergies so this is perfect.” — Syd on Whipped Mango Butter

“Absolutely LOVE this! I have been looking for a lotion that smells like the cocoa lotion in the stores BUT without all the fake stuff in it, and THIS IS IT. Smells so good, easy to put on, lightweight, etc.” — Jackie on Cocoa Shea Blended Butter

“I received my sample pack of 3 whipped butters in the mail yesterday. I was completely surprised as to how moisturizing, yet lightweight, they were! The scents I chose were lavender, sandalwood and The Woods. I like stronger scents, so these were perfect. This winter has taken a toll on my 49 year old skin and I wish I had come across these moisturizers earlier. I slathered myself with the lavender moisturizer last night and woke up this morning not feeling tight and itchy. I’m really loving the blend of various oils…this just might become THE moisturizer I have always needed!!!” — Chetna F, Google review

“The whipped cocoa butter is absolutely divine. Lightweight with a delicious fragrance. Smooth coverage.” — P. Walker on Whipped Cocoa Butter

Get all the rich benefits of shea butter without the sticky heaviness! Shop today.

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