Whipped Cocoa and Cocoa Shea are our #3 and #4 top sellers respectively! The only thing that sells better are our African Black Soap and Vanilla Whipped Shea

The feedback we’ve overwhelmingly received is they’re an alternative to Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion, the watery, well-intentioned but not quite mositurizing lotion many of us grew up with. 😂

But what’s the difference? 

Whipped Cocoa Butter contains raw cocoa butter, a small bit of raw shea butter, almond oil and coconut oil. Cocoa Shea Blended Butter contains raw cocoa butter, a singificant portion of refined shea butter, almond oil and coconut oil.

The difference between the to boils down to a. the intensity of the cocoa butter experience you want to have and b. texture. 

The Whipped Cocoa has the highest percentage of raw cocoa of all the butters we sell. It’s like a direct hit of chocolate and the smell is intoxicating. 

Cocoa Shea has a high portion of raw cocoa, but not as much as the Whipped Cocoa. The shea butter in it fluffs the texture and mellows the scent a bit. This butter is attractive to customers who love both cocoa and shea butter and want to experience them combined

Here’s what customer have to say about Whipped Cocoa Butter;

“This stuff is amazing and smells good enough to eat. My daughters and I get painfully dry and itchy skin in the fall and winter. Nothing I’ve ever tried to retain moisture has worked… until this. Please don’t ever change the ingredients you use in this product.” — Faith

“It is high quality and makes applying cocoa butter easy. I was taught and always believed in the benefits of cocoa butter. Thank you for creating a whipped version!” — Jacqueline

And here’s what customers have to say about Cocoa Shea;

“I waited a few weeks to review so it was honest. Now honestly… I love it! Im obsessed. Im sensitive to scents, but the light chocolate smell makes me wanna eat it! Seriously though, I’ve had eczema on my hands and dry patches on my legs for a year now and nothing has worked; prescription ointments, cortisone, nothing. Within a few days, my eczema cleared up and the dry patches are almost all gone by now. My skin feels very smooth after massaging it in after a shower and the butter is not heavy. The GLOW! I be glistening out here haha!” — T Dixon

If you’re a cocoa lover, you can’t go wrong with either of these. 🍫🍫🍫

  • Cocoa Shea Blended Butter
    Cocoa Shea Blended Butter
    From: $7.00
  • Whipped Cocoa Butter -- 3 oz
    Whipped Cocoa Butter
    From: $7.00
  • Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter
    Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter
    From: $7.00
  • Heart-Shaped African Black Soap
    Heart-Shaped African Black Soap
    From: $7.00
Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

  • Subscription Box

    Subscription Box

    From: $0.80 every month
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  • Baby Powder Blended Butter

    From: $7.00
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  • Heart-Shaped African Black Soap Mini

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  • Orange Grapefruit Whipped Shea Butter

    From: $7.00
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