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How Long Do Our Butters Last? 🤔

• Sep 24, 2019

Last week we asked our customers to complete a survey of their buying habits. We wanted to know how frequently they purchased, how long our products lasted them and what triggered a purchase. 

31% of customers said they bought from us twice a year.

20% said they bought about three times a year.

15% said once a year.

9% said once every three months.

​This is really infrequent from a beauty industry perspective! Many beauty companies design their products to keep customers coming back every 4 to 6 weeks to guarantee a stream of revenue.

So we asked customers how long our products last them, and it all made sense.

28% of customers said our products last them longer than 4 months!

20% said our products last them 2 months.

17% said our product lasts them exactly 4 months.

11% said our product lasts them 3 months.

And this makes sense. Our products have zero filler. No water, no glycerin, no emulsifiers. Just premium butter and oil. That is why they last for so long. That is why only a little product is necessary for each application. That is why each application lasts for 24 to 36 hours. 

And from a customer POV this is awesome! 

To all who participated and completed the survey, thank you! It was incredibly helpful and insightful.

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