We’re Not a Trend. We’re Your New Staple Product.

In the age of Instagram there are a lot of beauty products flooding the market. Hot new creams and elixirs pop up every day, chasing beauty care trends and promising miraculous results.

At BGLH Marketplace, we’re playing the long game. We envision our products being a staple in bathrooms and bedrooms for decades to come. We’re not here to compete with what is hot and new. We’re here to become the bedrock of your beauty routine.

Many of our customers start their day by applying our butters from head to toe — literally — from their strands all the way down to their ankles. Our butters are the perfect all-body primer, locking moisture and softness for the entire day. No ash, no dryness, no hassle.

We know we are a unique product, and our commitment is to keep producing fragrant, light, and deeply moisturizing butters you can count on for years to come.

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“OMG! I love, love, love this freaking product! No more bath and body works for me! I appreciate the smooth, creamy and luscious feel of the butter.” — Angela Cunningham on Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter

“I ordered the whipped shea ( and cocoa butter) a few months ago. After trying out a few natural hair products nothing worked for my hair and dried it out. But when I received this shea butter my hair was moisturized really well. Actually, it is the only product that I have used that does not dry out my hair. I love it for my hair and skin. Great product! Now, I have recently ordered the raw and want to see how that form is.” — Quinisha on Unscented Whipped Shea Butter

“I absolutely love these butters! I’ve tried and love the whipped cocoa butter, lemon cream, coconut mango, and coconut shea butter! They leave your skin feeling so amazing and smells amazing awesome. My skin feels so smooth and moisturized! My whole family has been using the whipped cocoa butter which is my ultimate go to for my 12 month old son and 6 year daughter! My son had theses dry dark patches on his knees from crawling on the floor at 7 months which cleared up and smooth out after a few weeks of applying the whipped cocoa butter. I bought samples and gave as gifts which friends loved! I even bought 6 oz jars for my mother and father and they too loved the whipped cocoa butter and cocoa blended butter!” — Audrea on Whipped Butters 6 oz Sample Pack

“I mentioned the product to my son and he gifted the Lavender whip to me for Christmas last year. I was blown away! It is the only product that soothes my extremely dry skin. Then I tried it on my hair. Heaven! Thank you so much. It’s the only product that satisfies my needs.” — Carol Johnson

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Since our founding in 2014 we have shipped to more than 15,000 customers in the United States, Canada and Europe. Everything is made from scratch and by hand at our Brooklyn facility (click here for a cool video of our butter being whipped!)

Although we are a handmade company we strive for quick fulfillment. 90% of our orders ship out within 2 business days. If it takes longer than that it means we are still creating items for your order. You can call (312) 448-3343 to get real time updates.






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