Why Buying Our Whipped Butter is Better Than Making it at Home

We have nothing against DIY (do-it-yourself.) As a matter of fact, we sell raw shea, cocoa and mango butter for those who want to do whipping at home. But we can say with confidence that when it comes to quality whipped butter, buying from us is better than doing it at home. Here’s why:

1. Avoid the mess
Whipping shea, cocoa and mango butter at home can be super messy. Raw butters are naturally dense and sticky. Leave the whipping, packaging and clean up to us.

2. Leave the packaging to us
Don’t go through the headache of finding a container to put your DIY concoction in. Leave the packaging to us.

3. Skip the headache of bad DIY batches
It is so easy to make whipped butter that is too greasy, too hard or has the wrong combination of ingredients. Creating whipped butters that are absorbent, soft and nourishing takes a lot of experimentation, and we’ve done 4 years worth of it. Our entire business is based on our ability to make incredible butters. So leave the whipping to us 😉

4. Stop the hunt for quality ingredients
When looking for raw ingredients to whip you are limited to whatever is at the beauty supply, health store or on Amazon. These outlets might not have the best quality ingredients. Part of our mission as a company is to locate suppliers that can give us the absolute best raw ingredients on the market. That’s why our butters are so rich!

5. No need to re-whip when you run out
If you run out of whipped butter with a few clicks of a button you can order and have it delivered to your door in days. If you DIY you have to go to the store (or online), buy the ingredients, whip them, package them and clean up the mess.

6. It’s more cost effective
Yeh, we said it. You might argue that buying your own ingredients and whipping at home is cheaper but we’d disagree. Time is money. So you’re not just buying whipped butter from us you’re buying your time back. Our $30.00, 12 oz butter lasts for 3 months. With shipping that is $37.50 — and that doesn’t include discounts. So for $37.50 you could have quality whipped butters for an entire season. That sounds like a great deal to us!

7. It gets cheaper every time
We have a cumulative points system. For every $10 you spend with us you get $1 off your next order (as long as you are in your registered account.) Our customers tend to buy bigger and bigger orders, so the discounts increase with time.

Many of our customers have converted from DIY to buying our butters regularly. While we’re all for people taking control of their beauty regimens we also know that our butters are far and away the best on the market!

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