How Whipped Shea Butter & African Black Soap Relieved My Baby’s Eczema All-Naturally

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My youngest child (pictured above) was the only one to get persistent infant eczema, which left patches of scaly-looking skin on his back. It wasn’t a severe case, but his father has full-blown adult eczema, so I knew he was at risk for a more serious outbreak. I wanted to develop good skincare habits with him early (he is 16 months old) to keep the inflammation at bay.

I started out by applying my whipped butters to his skin and was surprised to find that, although they diminished the eczema, they did not eliminate it entirely. With some experimentation I finally figured out a routine that kept my son’s skin soft with absolutely no visible eczema or inflammation.

1. I reduced the frequency of baths (from daily to 3 times a week)
It is so counter intuitive that bathing (and hair washing for that matter) causes dryness but it does by stripping the body of its natural oils. It takes the body time to re-establish its oil/moisture balance. And while BGLH Marketplace whipped butters are incredible at aiding in this process, young skin does best when it doesn’t have to re-balance its moisture every 24 hours. By simply cutting down the frequency of baths, I noticed my son’s skin getting less inflamed and feeling softer than normal.

2. I bathed him with African black soap
I use BGLH Marketplace African black soap on my own face and skin and, on a whim, tried it on my son one bath time. The next day ALL of his inflammation was gone. I have been selling imported African black soap for 3 years and it still amazes me how incredible it is at reducing blemishes and knocking out dryness and skin inflammation. (This soap is really powerful and it lathers up well, so be careful not to over-lather. A little bit goes a long way.)

3. I rub him down with whipped shea, cocoa and/or mango butter
I realized that this step, although super important, needs to be preceded by the previous two. After his bath time, I rub him down with one of BGLH Marketplace’s whipped butters (I’m currently using coconut lime whipped mango butter.) And the great thing is that, because he is little, I can get 10 uses out of a $7 0.9 oz which, with his every-other-day bathing schedule, amounts to 3 weeks! A $19 2.5 oz size actually lasts us close to two months!


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4 Responses

  1. Using raw shea butter helped calm down my 2nd and 3rd daughters’ eczema. However, it wasn’t until I figured out that they were allergic to wheat, that it went totally away.

  2. I’ve been playing around with EVERYTHING for my son’s skin. He’s 15 months old and has severe esczema on his arms and legs that leave his skin feeling scaley. I try to avoid using chemicals on his skin. I recently tried putting African black soap lotion on him and noticed it worked way better than the shea butter/cocoa butter/coconut oil concoction I had put together. I definitely will be trying your products now for his skin.

    Your son is ADORABLE ????

  3. I ordered the sample sizes of the shea butters, and was VERY!! impressed with the amount of product and the way the shea butter made my skin feel, especially on my feet and hands.

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