7 Ways to Use Whipped Shea Butter You Might Not Have Thought Of

Listen, BGLH Marketplace butters put in *work*. Just when you think you’ve nailed down all they can do, new uses come to light. It’s like the Dad in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding who used Windex to remedy everything. 🤣

Most people know that whipped shea, cocoa and mango butter can be used for softening, healing and moisturizing skin. But here are 6 uses that you might not have thought of!

1. As a diaper rash/baby cream
Shea, cocoa and mango butter are highly effective against diaper rashes. Last year an amazed customer sent us pictures of her baby’s bum going from an angry red back to its natural color in a matter of days after she began applying our Whipped Cocoa Butter daily. Our butters are gentler than traditional diaper rash creams, and actually smooth and soften skin as they protect against soiled diapers.

2. As a lip balm/to heal chapped lips
Did you know that our butters are highly effective against chapped and broken lips? We received another excited testimonial from a customer who was having a tough time protecting her 5 year-old’s lips from extreme winter weather. They were constantly cracked and he was in pain. She began applying a dab of the Mocha Latte Blended Butter to his lips at night and within days the broken skin on his lips had healed!

3. For sexy time
We welcome testimonials from our customers even when they border on TMI (lol!) For Valentine’s day we had quite a few customers tell us they were planning to use our butters in place of massage oils for sensual rub-downs and other sexy activities. Our website is full of reviews from spouses who say the smell of our butters on their skin drives their partners crazy.

4. As a beard butter
Your beard should not be dry and ashy, and if you apply our butters it won’t be! Our Sandalwood and Bergamot Blended Butter is a favorite amongst male customers who apply it to their beards in addition to using it as a skin moisturizer.

5. As a hair grease substitute
Whipped shea, cocoa and mango butter are a perfect and far more effective swap for hair grease. Rake it through your hair after a wash or condition, or before styling. It will moisturize and smooth your strands, and keep your hair soft and pliable. Our butters are highly absorbent so they won’t leave flakes or build up on your strands.

6. To diminish pregnancy stretch marks
In an August 2016 interview Amber Rose discussed how shea butter kept her from having pregnancy stretch marks, despite them running in her family; “I honestly don’t do much. I use a Chanel brightening cleanser and raw African shea butter. I lather my entire body, including my scalp, from head to toe. It’s a routine that I’ve been doing for at least 15 years… I highly suggest it. I did it my entire pregnancy. My mother is worked up [with stretch marks] and I’m her only child. I was worried because it’s hereditary. But I have no stretch marks. It’s amazing.” Many of our customers attest to this.

7. To relieve mosquito and bug bites, and general itchiness
Shea, mango and cocoa butter are anti-inflammatory meaning they reduce redness and inflammation in the skin. Rub some on bug bites or itchy areas (caused by external stimuli) and wait 5 to 10 minutes. Your itching will subside and your skin start to calm down.


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  1. Sorry but still skeptical on whipped Shea butter. Will it or won’t it make my hair soft? Too many people say because I have 4b hair it will not make it soft and manageable. I want to try the whipped cocoa butter but for my hair. Please let me know

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