10 Stunning (Real) Loc Pictorials

Last year, we shared 10 of the Most Stunning (Loose) Natural Hair Pictorials, and we recently celebrated the beauty of faux locs (although not everyone was feeling that). So here, finally, are ten of the most stunning loc pictorials.

To achieve this curly style, Joymarilie “cut up an old pair of thick tights into strips, dampened her hair with water, and wrapped 4-6 locs on each strip just like a curler.” She then tied the ends of each strip and let her hair set overnight.


Franchesca was inspired by a loose natural to create this gorgeous faux-shaved style. She starts by flat twisting or rolling the back, and then eventually flat twists the sides to give the illusion. You can find the full tutorial — including how she styles the front — on her blog post.
chescalocs - Franchesca

Here is another creative look from Joymarilie and it is particularly useful for after a sweaty workout.  Though she does “rock her frizz from time to time, when she wants that sleek look” this is one of her options. She lets her edges air dry under a scarf for about 30 minutes or more and voila! Beautiful natural waves.

This look is achieved with pipe cleaners set on damps locs. After the hair has dried, the pipe cleaners are removed for the final look.

loc curls

Patience used blue perm rods to create these stunning curls on her locs. These photos are after the curls have loosened a bit.


Here is another look by Patience but on much looser waves. Just roll the front locs to create a bang and throw on a headband!


This is a third look from Joymarilie called loc petals. Check out her Youtube page for more details on the style.


Check out this elegant updo using just a few simple steps. The style can be modifed for shorter locs as well.
loc updo

Tamieka Grizzle-Martin illustrates how she created her flowing, crinkled locs with a set of rope twists.Tamieka Grizzle2

And here’s one more by Tamieka.
tamieka grizzle3


Have you seen any other pictorials of loc styles?  Share below!



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7 years ago

One Word-WOW

Ms. Vee
Ms. Vee
7 years ago

I must try each and every style 🙂

Amy PagesofVision Ward
Amy PagesofVision Ward
5 years ago

Absolutely love these pictorials!! Definitely gave me some ideas for my own hair and my clients

april Guscott
april Guscott
7 years ago

We’ve definitely seen real locs before. Everybody gets love on this site, there’s nothing wrong with faux locs, and neither are better than the other. These styles and colors are very pretty though.


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