6 Oils and Butters That Are Essential to My 4B Hair Regimen

Often, women ask me what products I use in my hair, why I use them, and how I use them. They’re probably expecting a long list of complicated products, but just like my hair regimen, my hair products are quite simple. In addition to styling products, I also like to incorporate a lot of natural hair butters and oils into my routine.

When it comes to butters and oils, I like to keep them as raw and as organic as possible. I’m also a fan of heavier oils and butters for my hair and lighter oils for my scalp. My hair is very dry and frizzes easily, so this has always worked for me. Because certain key ingredients keep my hair moisturized and tangle free, my hair is able to grow and retain length.

Shea Butter

If you know me at all, then you know this is always at the top of my hair care list. I tried many butters and oils years ago when I first returned to natural. I can honestly say that nothing locks the moisture into my hair like shea butter. I prefer raw and unrefined shea butter, simply because I like to keep things as natural as possible. I wear twist outs a lot and on wash day, it’s the first thing I put on my freshly washed and conditioned hair. I follow up with a styler and twist. My hair is always left feeling hydrated. To keep my hair moisturized throughout the week, I re-apply the shea butter every other night.

Mango Butter

I fell in love with mango butter two summers ago. Not only does it feel heavenly on my skin, but it’s also a great for my scalp AND my hair. It’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins that promote hair growth. Like shea butter, it’s pliable and softens when you rub it in your hands. It’s perfect for the summer because it isn’t too heavy and I apply it the same way that I apply shea butter to my hair. It’s more expensive and hard to find at times, so I don’t use it as often as shea butter. I usually purchase raw mango butter from vendors at flea markets.

Extra Dark Castor Oil

I’ve never been a fan of using castor oil daily, but I loved using it as a hot oil treatment. Recently, I’ve decided to give castor oil another shot and I’ve incorporated into my hair regimen throughout the week. I now apply extra dark castor oil to my scalp every three days. I use extra dark castor oil because dark castor oil promotes hair growth and thickness. Because it’s heavy, I don’t use it every day. If I did, my hair would become super oily. I especially love using it while I have in twists or braids and I certainly have noticed a lot of growth.

Coconut Oil and Eucalyptus Oil

Coconut Oil will always be a staple for me. I use it as a hot oil treatment, but I also like to mix it with eucalyptus oil and apply it to my scalp when it’s dry and itchy. So far, this combination has worked well for my scalp and keeps it cool and flake free. Raw coconut oil really penetrates the skin and keeps it hydrated and eucalyptus oil stimulates your scalp and gives it relief. I use this combo any time my scalp starts to give me a hard time.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I apply this oil directly to my scalp every other day. I know that coconut oil penetrates the skin better, but extra virgin olive oil works better for MY scalp. For some reason, my hair loves heavier oils and butters. Olive oil promotes scalp health, fights of bacteria, and it can be used as a deep conditioner all by itself. I also use it as a hot oil treatment. I do hot oil treatments weekly and on the weeks I run out of coconut oil, olive oil makes the cut.

How do you use oils and butters in your hair regimen?

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