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3 Tricks to Remedy Persistent Dryness in Natural Hair


Ugh, dryness! It is the Achilles heel of curly haired women everywhere. The coily, wiry strands that enable us to create some of the dopest hair styles on the planet, also contributes to the not so pleasant task of trying to maintain moisture in our hair. You’ve seemingly tried everything and no matter what, your hair still feels dry, brittle. You think to yourself: “Well, maybe this is the way my hair will always be. Why bother?” I’m here to tell you that before you throw in the towel (and several bottles of costly hair lotions in the trash) that your seemingly moisture resistant hair may not be the impossible obstacle that you think it is. There’s no “magic bullet” but there are things that you can do to make sure your hair is getting what it needs.


Contrary to the advertising of hair product companies your hair doesn’t need their products. You may want their products but you hair can do just fine without them. The best products, however, possess ingredients that contain the elements essential for hair health. The most important product you can use to tackle dryness is water. Yes, that sounds simple but before you roll your eyes, I don’t only mean water on your hair but water intake in your body. Do you have dry skin? Or do you have small bumps (not pimples) on your forehead? This may be an indication that you aren’t drinking enough water. Your hair isn’t an essential organ, so your body will allocate any water you drink to other parts of your body, leaving your hair dry and brittle.


Okay, so you’re drinking enough water (about 8 glasses per day), you have a balanced diet and you moisturize your hair regularly but it still feels dry. If after applying a moisturizer to your hair it feels moisturized 20 minutes later (or when the product has dried), then you may then need to consider sealing your hair with a light oil to maintain your hair’s moisture throughout the day.

Aloe Vera + Oil

“But, Geniece” you say, “I’ve done all of these things and my hair still feels dry!” Okay, now we’ve moved away from issues that may be causing dryness to reasons that may be causing your hair to feel dry. There is a difference. For example, if the cuticles of your hair don’t lie flat if can make your hair feel scratchy and coarse which can imitate a feeling similar to dryness. At this point your hair shouldn’t be at risk of breakage, but there are things that you can do to diminish the feeling of dryness. For example, whole leaf aloe vera juice or gel (the kind you store in a refrigerator not the kind you use for styling) can help your cuticle to lie flat. Dampen a section of your hair with aloe vera juice or gel, then apply a dime sized amount of castor oil or grapeseed oil. Twist that section and in 2-3 hours compare it to the other sections of your hair. The hair should feel smoother and softer in comparison.

When all else fails…

You’ve tried everything mentioned above and more and still, your hair feels dry. If your hair is not breaking and you are regularly retaining length, then the answer may be quite simple: Your hair isn’t deprived of moisture but the texture of your hair makes it feel like it is. Case in point: I can be just as diligent with my hair care in the summer as I am in the spring. My hair will still feel dryer in the summer due to exposure to heat. The same applies to the difference in my hair during the winter vs. the fall. Excessively dry hair (barring health issues) can usually be resolved with simple changes to your routine. But if you’re doing everything right and your hair is thriving in every other respect then embrace your texture even it doesn’t feel soft to the touch.

What are your favorite methods of combatting dry hair?

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Great info! Baggying helps my hair tremendously.

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