About 6 months ago, seemingly out of the blue I gained 5 pounds. A few weeks later I gained another 3.

This was unusual because, up until that point, I could have a relaxed attitude about fitness and still fit into my clothes. For reference: I’ve weighed the same as I did my senior year of college – and I graduated college 18 years ago. 

My body wasn’t carrying the new weight very well. I looked and felt uncomfortable in my clothes, and I was feeling more sluggish throughout the day, pounding coffees at work to stay awake. Something needed to be done.

I tried all of the “hacks” that worked in the past when my weight crept up. Most involved me furiously working out and cutting calories for a week or two. Then kind of dropping the habit when my weight was back to normal. 

I quickly realized that these weren’t really hacks, just reactionary behavior born out of panic, lol. I had no health and fitness routine because I’d never really needed one. I’m a generally active person. I love hiking, surfing, being in the outdoors. But I’ve never done it in an organized, disciplined or consistent fashion. 

I did some research and learned, too,  that my weight gain might have to do with me turning 40 soon. I’m in the last 15 months of my 30s. And while I’m really excited about what my 40s will bring, it’s undeniable that my body is changing. I can’t get away with the things I could get away with at age 25, or 31… or even just a year ago at age 37!

I decided I would go back to basics: working out at the gym every morning for at least 20 minutes. I also started tracking my meals on a fitness app, to get a sense of how many calories I was consuming.

And I haaaated it. 🤣🤣🤣

I trudged to the gym at 8 am, got on the elliptical, and started robotically pumping my legs – bored out of my mind, but also struggling to breath as my heart rate spiked. (Bored and struggling is a terrible combination by the way.)

But it worked! In the very first week I lost a pound. My clothes started loosening up again. Before long, I was almost back to my college weight.

The ordeal taught me an important lesson – if I wanted to stay trim, I would always need a routine. Gone were the days of low efforts producing good results.

I think the same is true of skincare. 

Because I’ve noticed, too, that my skin is changing as I approach middle age. And just as I had to learn to buckle down, be disciplined and care for my body in an organized fashion, the same is true for my skin.

Tomorrow I’ll speak a bit more about the changes I’m making to support my skin and establish a routine.

But you don’t have to wait until then to get your own skincare routine in order. Shop now!


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  1. I’m interested in a subscription however as the weather warms, it would be impractical to order your products as they will melt. I LOVE the light and airy texture! My friend ordered and paid for insulation and her butters still arrived melted. We live in NC. Any suggestions?

    1. I’m so sorry that happened! If you pay for insulation and your order comes melted you are due a partial refund (if you keep the product) or a full replacement (if you return it.) Typically we increase the cold packs if we re-ship an insulated order that melted.

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