Why Your Clean Beauty Product Should Have 10 Ingredients or Less

10 ingredients or less — that’s the recommendation made by dermatologist Dr. Bruce Brod, clinical professor at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine.

In 2019, Dr. Brod sounded the alarm on the increasing use of false advertising in the clean beauty industry, and how that advertising put consumers at risk.

Back then, he warned that the FDA was failing consumers and endangering their health by not enacting responsible standards.

Fast-forward to today, and… the FDA *still* has not acted, leaving consumers even more vulnerable. As Dr. Brod notes, the “sheer volume” of new brands — often with celebrity pitches or compensated influencers — makes it almost impossible to tell what’s genuinely safe and clean.

Dr. Brod’s advice to his patients? Go less! Check the label, and filter out the products with the most ingredients. For sensitive-skin sufferers, this means: 10 ingredients or less!

The higher the number of ingredients the more likely a product is to contain dangerous synthetics, and the less likely you are to know which of the ingredients are working for your skin and which are working against it. 

We tried Dr. Brod’s advice on some ‘clean’ beauty products:

Tree Hut Watermelon Sugar Scrub — 31 Ingredients.

Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter — 19 Ingredients.

Vaseline Illuminate Me Whipped Body Butter — 28 Ingredients.

And goop’s Replenishing Night Cream? A whopping 50 Ingredients! Ooof! 😱😱

Lucky for you, all of our products are 10 ingredients or less!  Our body butters and body oils are all naturally safe and non-toxic, with no added water, filler or synthetic chemicals. 

Sandalwood & Bergamot Hair & Body Oil – 7 Ingredients

“This oil does exactly what was said and shown! The scent is light, it melts into your skin. And if you apply it on your damp skin after the shower, Omgoodness. The glow, the silky softness on my skin!” 🙌🏽👏🏽 — GW 

Rose Blended Butter – 5 Ingredients

“This is an incredible body butter! The scent is so sophisticated, delicate, and pretty. The butter itself lasts a very long time on the skin and is so moisturizing.” — Vivian Ilonzo 

Coconut Whipped Shea Butter – 3 Ingredients

“I have to say that I am usually very skeptical  – but this product is LEGIT! The product is light and airy, and it melts into your skin without being greasy. It leaves my skin moisturized and soft. The scent is also light and pleasant. I am so happy that I tried it. I have 2 children with dry skin/eczema issues who both really like this product. It does not irritate their skin and they love the texture. Well worth the money if you want a quality product!” — Karen Draper 

And our most important ingredient? That would be the TLC that goes into all of our products. 🥰 Our products are made *by us, for us* — to help heal and improve our lives, our families’ lives, and especially, yours!


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