Guide to our Scents Pt 4: For the lavender lovers 💐

Over the past few days we’ve been breaking down our 30+ scents of body butter, and this one is for the lavender lovers! (Click for part 1, part 2 and part 3.) 

LAVENDER WHIPPED SHEA BUTTER — The first in a lovely lavender trio. Scented with sweet, soothing Bulgarian lavender essential oil. An aroma(n)tic treat for your senses, that’ll have you looking, feeling and smelling fabulous!

“Feels light and delicious smooth upon your skin, and downright therapeutic after a long day or work out to relax the body and mind. One of my favorite things is it’s a natural mosquito/bug repellant. Repels the mosquitos in the DC summer swamp weather as well as as on multiple vacations to hot and humid areas – Miami, New Orleans, Kenya, Barcelona, etc. Cannot recommend enough!” — Esther Mungai

LAVENDER & COCOA BLENDED BUTTER — Mango butter, infused with the soothing scent of Bulgarian lavender essential oil, mixed with cocoa butter and whipped to fluffy perfection. It’s coconut oil free AND almond oil free, so feel free to indulge yourself!

“My daughter loves this one and so do I. The cocoa and lavender together is a gorgeous scent, and it is just perfect for all over moisturizing. Works just as well for hair as body. It lasts but isn’t heavy, and I never have to worry about chem sensitivity. So thankful!!” — Laura Jaworski

LEMON & LAVENDER BLENDED BUTTER — Mango and shea butter whipped with the fresh floral scents of lemon and lavender! It’s another coconut oil and almond oil free option (for those with allergies), and with it you’ll be enjoying springtime, all of the time! Smells so good, you’ll wanna put it on everything.

“This blend works particularly well for my combination skin. I put it on after showering and my skin feels soft (but not oily) all day! Like many folks here, I suffer from scalp psoriasis, and this butter also works wonders for controlling flare-ups. If you have type 2A hair or similar, and are on the fence about whether these butters can work for your scalp take the plunge! You won’t be disappointed.” — Whitney Linz

We’re about halfway through our butter series! Stay tuned for the rest…


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