BGLH Marketplace is ahead of its time.

Sound like an arrogant statement?

Well, here’s the not-so-arrogant reasoning: In the past 9 years we’ve served 51,000 customers. This despite the fact that I have zero formal business training, and have made tons of mistakes. (So many, in fact, that I wrote a 5-part series about them🤦🏾‍♀️…)

I could say I somehow willed all of this into existence. But that’s not entirely true.

The truth is that I work with phenomenal ingredients that are changing the way people think about skincare. In a sense, the shea butter is doing the work for me. And every year it inches closer and closer to the mainstream.

RHOA cast members are singing its praises and fashion magazines are publishing guides on how to use it.

And yes, the hype is completely justified!

Think about your typical lotion.

It keeps your skin from being ashy. Maybe it smells really good. It could even be a fragranced lotion that doubles as a perfume (although, toxicity wise, research shows that synthetic fragrances are a big area of concern…)

Now think about shea butter.

It moisturizes longer than lotion — up to 48 hours.

It attacks bacteria on your skin, so it reduces inflammation caused by conditions like eczema.

It literally regenerates skin cells and boosts collagen. So it is both tightening and brightening your skin with each application.

And on top of all this it’s food grade and completely clean. You can apply it liberally with no fear of toxicity.

There are very few things that sell themselves, but shea butter really is one of them! (Lucky for me 🤦🏾‍♀️.)

Picture of BGLH Marketplace

BGLH Marketplace

  • Body Oil 1 oz Sample Pack — Pick 2

    $20.00 or subscribe and save up to 40%
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  • Baby Powder Hair & Body Oil

    From: $35.00 or subscribe and save up to 40%
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  • Sandalwood & Bergamot Hair & Body Oil

    From: $35.00 or subscribe and save up to 40%
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  • Subscription Box

    Subscription Box

    From: Original price was: $2.00.Current price is: $1.20. every month
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