The beauty industry has become a minefield when it comes to safety and health. From the New York Times;

“Researchers have found dangerous levels of mercury in skin lightening and anti-aging creams; they’ve linked chemicals in hair dyes and straighteners to breast and uterine cancer; they’ve traced fragrances in soaps and shampoos to poor semen quality and fertility issues.

To be sure, not all chemicals are bad for your health. But low doses of iffy chemicals can add up over time and with exposure to multiple products…

Cosmetics and personal care products are notoriously under regulated. Companies often spruce up labels with words like “naturally derived,” “nontoxic” and “clean” — which sound good but are basically just marketing terms. How is the average consumer supposed to sort through which chemicals might do them harm?”

With BGLH Marketplace, you don’t have to sort through anything. We remain committed to using only non-synthetic ingredients to formulate our products. Even though it means that our production process is more costly and involved than most bodycare companies. For example, we whip and churn our butters for one to three hours to get texture and volume, because we don’t use synthetic texture enhancers. And we make everything to order so it gets to you fresh, since we don’t use chemical preservatives.

And we never use synthetic fragrances to scent our products. We’ve figured out how to use and combine essential oils to get scents like vanilla, rose and baby powder.

And it’s worth it for our customers to have the peace of mind that when they rub our products on their skin, scalp or hair, they are using products that are *completely clean*. With nothing remotely harmful.

That’s peace of mind that you deserve!

BGLH Marketplace

BGLH Marketplace

  • Body Oil 1 oz Sample Pack — Pick 2

    $20.00 or subscribe and save up to 40%
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  • Baby Powder Hair & Body Oil

    From: $35.00 or subscribe and save up to 40%
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  • Sandalwood & Bergamot Hair & Body Oil

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  • Subscription Box

    Subscription Box

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