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    Subscription Box
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  • Subscription Box

    Subscription Box

    From: Original price was: $2.00.Current price is: $1.20. every month
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13 Responses

  1. I’ve only tried 2 scents of the blended butter so far, but I love them! They’re lightly scented and so smooth on the skin. I ordered them earlier this year, during spring, and had no trouble with melting. Since I’m in Louisiana, I’m glad I ordered several. I’m not sure they’d handle our heat, even with ice packs. Will definitely order more in the future!

  2. This wasn’t the best experience. It took a very long time to arrive. I could have dealt with that if it actually arrived whipped which was the appeal for me. Despite the insulated packaging it was a half filled container of liquid when I received it. They shipped it a few weeks after I ordered it but even after the shipping notification it took another 5 days to arrive. What is the point of shipping in insulated packaging if it’s still 5 day shipping? All the insulation in the world isn’t going to be effective for 5 days! The ice bags were warm and thawed out on arrival just like the body butters. I know some might think it’s no big deal because the product is the same but for me the entire appeal of the product was the whipped texture. Therefore this will be my first and last purchase.

  3. I am trying to support you but I’m getting no comments back I already sent you a message once. This makes twice

    1. Dianne Lee, I’m just another customer. I found this contact information for them on the site. I’ve used the phone number before. CUSTOMER SERVICE:
      Contact Us
      358 Kosciuszko St, Brooklyn NY 11221
      Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm
      In-store shopping & curbside pickup
      [email protected]

  4. I bought some of your whip cream lotion but it melted before it got here now is a half a cup for all the ones I bought what would you suggest I do.

    1. Choose insulated shipping next time. I’ve refrigerated my butters overnight and then rewhipped myself with some success. But the insulated shipping has fixed the melting issue for me.

      1. That’s not a fool proof solution. That’s nice that it proved to work for you. I received mine 5 days after shipping notification. That means that the insulation was expected to work for 5 days. How could anyone expect that. So though it was insulated with ice packs. It arrived with the ice packs warm and melted, just like the body butter. Very disappointing.

  5. Your African black soap is the only soap that eliminates acne in teenagers. It works like a miracle, wonderful

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