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  • Body Oil 1 oz Sample Pack — Pick 2

    $20.00 or subscribe and save up to 40%
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  • Baby Powder Hair & Body Oil

    From: $35.00 or subscribe and save up to 40%
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  • Sandalwood & Bergamot Hair & Body Oil

    From: $35.00 or subscribe and save up to 40%
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  • Subscription Box

    Subscription Box

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21 Responses

  1. I found this company through an Instagram ad, and I decided to take a chance and submit an order for a sample pack. I’m looking forward to trying your products and hopefully become a regular customer.

  2. I found you on Instagram, I’ve been converting a lot of my everyday products to natural products to help my very sensitive skin and I seen a ad about your products. I used whipped body cream store bought before so i just know homemade and completely natural has to be 10x better! I can’t wait to try them, I have a feeling I’ll be ordering the bigger size containers next order I make.

  3. I was searching for products with clean and safe ingredients to use during my pregnancy, specifically, products that smell really good and prevent stretch marks. Looking forward to trying!

  4. I found your product on Facebook. I LOVE IT! I was a little disappointed when I saw the size of the $7 container, but I have to admit I have yet to run out. The consistency is so light and creamy and the Mocha scent in particular makes me want to lick it off!

    Last August I was involved in a near fatal car accident. I have such ugly scars that I had to fight back the tears after showering. Now I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking or you’re actually that good (I choose to believe the latter), but since I’ve been using your product, the scars have slowly begun to fade.


  5. I read about your product on Instagram and according to the reviews I wanted to try something. I have very sensitive skin and I do hope that I am able to use them. Waiting on my order.

  6. I saw you on fb, and I was reading the comments. I support black owned businesses, depending on what they’re selling. I can’t wait to test your products. I’ve ordered six lotions and three bars of soap.

  7. I ordered for butters. I’m still waiting for them to come. I’m so excited for them to come. Yay.

  8. I kept seeing your videos on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook and finally ordered. I love your products and how soft they make my skin. I have sensitive skin and your products are great!

  9. I saw your ads on Facebook and instagram. I finally placed an order after reading some reviews. I love they you mix and package your own product. I love to support black owned business whenever I can. Can’t wait to try it out.

  10. I found you all from ads on Facebook and wanted to support a black owned business. I placed my 1st order on March 21st and looking forward to trying it out.

  11. Hi Leila I feel a connection with you my oldest granddaughter is Lela so your name made me smile. I’m 75 and my face is full of age spots tried other black soaps and they didn’t work decided to try yours if your products are as good as the hype you will definitely have a repeat customer. I’m waiting anxiously for my order. Thank you once again.

  12. Looking forward to receiving my order. Maybe on your website you could have a section that talks about the benefits and differences between shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, etc. (I’m sorry if it’s already there and I didn’t find it).

  13. I really love your product. I had been using Shea butter for awhile ( years ) . But I had to melt the butter to use . But discovering your company, I’ve been buying and telling everyone how good it is. Last year I gave your product for Christmas. Your men’s line was a hit .My grandsons really liked it. So with that being said I gave them your website to reorder . And I sign up for the prescription.

    1. Found you by accident on Facebook and I support black owned businesses every chance I get. This is a truly amazing product! The smell is incredible and after a week of use my skin has never been softer. For me, at first it feels a little oily, but that only lasts for a moment and then it absorbs beautifully. I use it every morning and before bed ;the difference in my skin is startling! Buy it you’ll thank yourself! Just getting ready to order again.

  14. So Happy I came across this. I can’t wait to get my product. And will send review when I get it.. I Love supporting Black owned businesses

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