For me, eczema is a hereditary skin condition. It’s common on both sides of my family.

Many times, people look at hereditary health conditions as a sort of “life sentence.” But a skin condition being hereditary doesn’t always mean you’re stuck with it forever. It means you must work harder than the average person to have clear skin. Instead of waving the white flag, think about the changes you *can* make.

We can’t go back in time and change our ancestor’s DNA. But we can change what we do in the present.

As for eczema, a lot of different factors can trigger it; food, pregnancy, environmental conditions, etc. One of my best friends never had an issue with eczema until she had her first child. Before this, I did not know you could get eczema later in life. This shows you that eczema can strike at any time.

Food allergies are considered an official comorbidity of eczema. (A comorbidity is a related health condition.) Researchers have found that up to 30% of people with eczema, also have food allergies. I happen to be in that 30%. My eczema reacts to heavy dairy products. To avoid flare-ups, I drink almond milk and use non-dairy butter. You can still make all your favorite fall recipes with non-dairy product! Trust me, the Mac and cheese will still be high vibrational!

During the fall, my skin is more sensitive to the weather. It gets dry easily and requires double moisture. To give my skin the TLC it requires, I use BGLH marketplace products. I love to take warm showers with BGLH African Black soap. The soap keeps my skin smooth and moisturized. Not to mention, my skin feels tight and strong. It’s hard to describe, so you just have to try it!

The shower is followed by a BGLH whipped butter body rub down. I make sure to moisturize immediately after my shower. Damp skin is best when using BGLH whipped butter.

Look at that post-shower moisturized glow!

I also use BGLH whipped butter on my upper body. For my face, I rub a small amount of butter on my sensitive spots. These are the spots that are noticeably dry, itchy, or dull. For my hair, I use BGLH whipped butter on my scalp. Protective styles are my go-to in the fall. The peppermint butter is perfect for relieving that post-braid itch!

BGLH Marketplace is essential during this time of the year. I can only imagine where my eczema would be without it. Changing your eating and skincare habits can truly take your skin a long way.

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