A common issue for people styling curly and coily hair is a lack of curl definition. This can manifest as frizz, a lack of bounce, or even shrinkage. Are you having this issue as well? And did you know that whipped shea butter can be used as a curl definer? I believe I have perfected my curl definition routine. What do you think of the results?

Especially if you have a twa (teeny weanie afro) like me, you are going to want to try out this regimen.

First, I wet my hair thoroughly, making sure to get every inch. My favorite way to do this is during my morning shower so that it is out of the way. Second, on my still wet hair, I use the Ice Cream Blended Butter.

The combination of the shea, cocoa, and vanilla extract with other decadent smelling ingredients makes my hair smell sweet, but not overly so. When reading BGLH Marketplace reviews, this is the butter that many reviewers swore by for hair growth, and now I swear by it too. Check out my length!

The key to maximizing curl definition is stretching the hair as you rake through the butter of your choice because that encourages lengthening of your hair strands. For the best results, do this in smaller sections. As you work the product through your strands, be sure to reapply the butter to your fingertips. If your hands don’t have butter on them, this will create frizz.

I then repeat the steps with a curl cream, and repeat the steps again with my favorite gel. The name of the game is still smaller sections, you want to give your curls the attention they need, and this will step up your definition.

The whipped shea butter is the perfect base to layer the curl cream and gel on top of because it smooths the strands, gives them high shine and locks in moisture. The curl cream and gel help with definition, but they won’t cover the other bases.

Finally, I stretch the roots of my hair ONLY with a hair-pick. You can also do this with a comb, or even your fingertips. If you comb through the entirety of your hair, it will disturb those lovely curls we just defined, so be sure to take your time.

If you have shorter hair, be gentle because the hair root to length ratio is smaller. You really want to lift up or extend the roots of your hair to give more body and length. After you have done this to your whole head, you are all styled. Check to make sure your styling is even, and correct as needed. The butter-curl styler-gel routine is exactly how I got my curls to pop in a way that perfectly compliments my haircut. Let me know how my regimen worked out for you. Moisturized curls are the best curls.

Have you used BGLH Marketplace butters as a curl definer? If so share your results below!

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