Today we’re celebrating Rose Blended Body Butter! 

If you’re new to this butter (or want to get re-acquainted) scroll down for everything you need to know.

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What does Rose Blended Body Butter smell like?

Imagine moisturizing on top of a light, fluffy rose petal. That’s how I felt when I first applied this butter.

It’s one of the most delightful things I have ever smelled. It’s scented with rose absolute, which is extracted from the petals of the Damask Rose

Other rose scented products I’ve tried are way too strong. I like a hint of floral but I don’t want it to be overpowering. I want a scent that makes people want to smell me more, not one that says, “go away before you give me a headache.” But this butter is perfectly balanced, light and refreshing.

It’s a great natural scent for both men and women. When my fiancé tried it, he shook his head with satisfaction and said: “I wouldn’t mind walking around smelling like this.”

How do I use Rose Blended Body Butter?

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As expected, it absorbed easily into my skin. With a few rubs, my skin was moisturized and glowing. Look at the before and after picture of my knee to see the real-time glow:

Why do customers love it?

When I scan the reviews, it’s the smell that people adore

“Five stars, but I’d give it six if I could! I have spent years and years looking for a rose scent that wasn’t sickly sweet and fake smelling. I LOVE this scent. It legitimately smells like a rose and I bought a huge tub because I don’t ever want to run out!” — Jennifer

“This is an incredible body butter! The scent is so sophisticated, delicate, and pretty. The butter itself lasts a very long time on the skin and is so moisturizing. The best part of the butter has to be the consistency – it’s the perfect ratio!” — Vivian

What are the base ingredients?

Rose Blended Body Butter has mango butter and shea butter in its base, and both give you lots of vitamin A (which regenerates skin cells and improves fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes) and vitamin C (which boosts collagen production in skin). They’re also powerful emollients (smooth and soften skin and hair) and occlusives (hold water in hair and skin, keeping it moisturized for hours.)

The base mixture also contains coconut oil and argan oil. Coconut oil restores damaged skin and hair and argan oil gives skin a luxurious glow.

It contains no synthetic chemicals or preservatives and has a shelf life of one year.

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And there you have it! Try Rose Blended Body Butter today!

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