Before I incorporated body butter into my skincare routine, my skin was a mess. A dry, itchy, eczema-filled mess. I thought I was doing something by using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. But even though Palmer’s has a great cocoa scent, it didn’t improve my skin. It just made me smell like chocolate. While I don’t mind smelling good I need my products that improve and heal my skin.

I started using whipped shea butter and realized it kept my skin moisturized longer than my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. It felt like my skin was soaking it in. The most impressive benefit was the whipped shea significantly calmed down my eczema. I felt like I discovered a magical potion for my skin.

Look at that moisturized glow!

I can’t tell you how many “eczema creams” from doctors went to the bottom of my drawer. The creams only temporarily helped with the itch but didn’t heal my skin. Plus, the ingredients weren’t natural and chemical-free like whipped shea butter.

My skin started improving fast and Palmer’s went to the back of the cabinet while whipped shea butter was front and center. Anytime I didn’t shea butter, my skin felt empty. Like I was missing my protective layer. Sometimes I was too lazy to put it on but feeling my dry skin always made me get my act together. I felt out of wack when my skin wasn’t fully moisturized.

One day I had the genius idea to put whipped shea butter in my hair. My hair hasn’t been the same since. Nothing keeps my hair moisturized like body butter. It adds a beautiful glow and shine. When meeting my friend for a nature walk, the first thing she said was “your hair looks so good and moisturized!”

Whipped shea butter is my favorite skin and haircare product. It’s a product I know I can trust because it does what it says it will do. Instead of giving empty promises and relying on overly aggressive marketing, whipped shea butter speaks for itself. It doesn’t talk about it, it IS about it.

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Alyssa is a cat lover, writer and fitness enthusiast from Florida now living in Atlanta. She has been a BGLH Marketplace customer since 2018. Find her on Instagram @lilhungrygirl

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