We’re back again with a list of black woman-owned businesses! Consider this my early holiday gift to all the #BGLHButterBabes out there. Let’s get into some of my faves.

BGLH Marketplace

Let’s start with the obvious. Lol. What keeps me buying the products is they are so SMOOTH. The whipped butter just easily glides on my skin and melts without being greasy. My favorites are the Sandalwood & Bergamot Blended Butter and Vanilla Latte Blended Butter. I use the products as a body butter, nighttime facial moisturizer, hair butter and burn salve.


This is your one stop shop for all-natural skin and body products by black women artisans. BLK + GRN has a group of black health experts that vet the ingredients, so you don’t have to! My favorite thing is their Toxic Twenty List. It’s an in-depth list and explanation of 20 toxic ingredients that will never be in BLK + GRN products. It’s super insightful for your everyday shopping as well.

The Lip Bar

You may be familiar with this one. The Lip Bar (TLB) is all of the things: black woman-owned, vegan, cruelty free, and my personal favorite, SIMPLE. I love a beat face, but I’m not committed to learning for myself or investing in all those tools or makeup brands. TLB makes makeup so easy with beginner friendly tutorials, duo brushes, and easy fast face kits. Most importantly, these products are travel friendly. I regularly bring the 4-in-1 face palette, liquid eyeshadow, and lipstick when I want a simple beat or glam look on a trip. 

Lala’s Bedtime Tales

As women we are many things, including sexual beings. LaLa knows this and wants us to embrace our sexuality however we see fit! Lala’s Bedtime Tales is a sexual liberation brand that shares erotica and romance short stories, while also focusing on women’s sexual wellness and sexual education. I love this because she is inclusive and offers so much informative advice on sexual health and relationships from experts. An added plus is she writes erotica. LaLa has something that you and your lover(s) can use. 

Ben Oni Jewelry

Ben Oni is really top tier for me. They offer beautiful, simple jewelry pieces that are really elegant. For those of us who love gold jewelry and want something they can wear in the shower for half the price (cough, cough… me), Ben Oni has an anti-tarnish collection. 

Kindred Paper Co.

Don’t you hate when you see a greeting card that’s kind of cute, but it has a very general message inside? Kindred Paper Co. is my fave because their cards are curated with messages familiar to black women and culture. I always include a handwritten note in my cards and Kindred leaves blank space on the inside for that. And guess what? All the cards are currently $5 and always have free shipping!

I hope you take a look at these brands and love them just as much as I do.

What are some of your favorite black woman-owned businesses? Let us know in the comments!

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Chelsea Gillespie

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  1. Love seeing a list of black owned businesses. It is nice to know where they are. Please keep us informed and updated Thank you

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