Our shea butter lotions are serious business. Yes, they look like ice cream, and have mouth-watering, all-natural scents like Vanilla LatteOrange Creamsicle and Lemon Cream. But they aren’t just whimsical. Shea butter promotes cell regeneration, which is why so many customers notice rough dry patches softening and lightening.

Clears dark knees from crawling

“I absolutely love these butters! My skin feels so smooth and moisturized! My whole family has been using the Whipped Cocoa Butter which is my ultimate go-to for my 12 month old son and 6 year daughter! My son had these dry dark patches on his knees from crawling on the floor at 7 months which cleared up and smoothed out after a few weeks of applying the whipped cocoa butter.” — Audrea Harrison on our Whipped Butters 6 oz Sample Pack

  • Whipped Cocoa Butter -- 3 oz
    Whipped Cocoa Butter
    From: $7.00

Shea butter lotion clears dark elbows

“Makes my skin extremely soft and clears up dark spots even on my elbows and knees which has always been an issue. BGLH butters are so gentle even for my extra sensitive skin (face). My face is clear and looks amazing.” — Anja on Whipped Butters 12 oz Sample Pack

 “It makes my feet smooth, my face even toned and my elbows were dark and now the darkness is gone. Love, Love, Love it!!!!!” — Denise on Whipped Butters 2.5 oz Sample Pack;

  • BGLH Marketplace whipped body butter samples
    Whipped Butters 2.5 oz Sample Pack – Pick 3

And dark underarms

“I noticed this week that my tummy stretch marks from having the baby are now fading and are the color of my skin. I had a bruise from running into something last week and it’s pretty much gone now. I also had dark underarms and voila…they are my skin tone again!!” — Najah on Lavender Whipped Shea Butter

  • Lavender Whipped Shea Butter
    Lavender Whipped Shea Butter
    From: $7.00

When it comes to a moisturizer that will also heal and regenerate skin, nothing beats shea butter lotion!

BGLH Marketplace

BGLH Marketplace

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