For the first 30 years of my life I used moisturizers that didn’t really work.

Lotion was something I applied just so I wouldn’t be ashy. But it only lasted a few hours and it certainly wasn’t doing anything about scars, stretch marks or blemishes.

Hair creams were even worse. They didn’t do anything for my tight curls. No matter what cream I applied my hair always felt dry, matted and tangled.

Everything changed when I started making my own products.

I noticed that women who had been into natural bodycare for a while didn’t talk in terms of brands, they talked in terms of ingredients. Over and over I heard, “Just putting shea butter in my hair/on my skin does way more than XYZ’s products do.”

I got an idea; what if I combined the ingredients these women talked about — shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut oil, olive oil — into one super-product.

I studied pastry techniques so I could whip the ingredients into something fluffy, light and absorbent. I scented them with essential oils to create ‘flavors’ like Mocha LatteLemon Cream and Sandalwood & Bergamot. The butters looked and smelled good enough to eat! Plus they were non-toxic, containing no preservatives or synthetic chemicals.

But would they work?

They didn’t just work, they changed EVERYTHING.

As I aged deeper into my 30, my skin glowed as it had in my 20s. I would later learn this was due to shea, cocoa and mango butter’s regenerative properties. The stretch marks I’d accumulated from having 3 babies began to fade.

I once left a silicone oven mitt on what I didn’t realize was a heated burner. I put the mitt on my hand and the melted silicone melded into my flesh, causing second degree burns. I applied whipped butter to my burns daily, and watched in amazement as my skin returned to its natural color. After 3 months the scars were completely gone.

Never in my LIFE had lotion done anything other than relieve ash for an hour or two. Now I had a moisturizer that was regenerating my skin every time I used it!

The game changed for my hair too. My coils remained defined, separated and soft over the span of several days! I wore my fro out and about with pride, then wrapped it in a bonnet at night. In the morning I took the bonnet off, fluffed my roots and my soft fro was back! I didn’t need to re-apply whipped butter daily because the moisture lasted so long! Plus my hair was growing like a weed!

My desperate trips to Target, searching for a holy grail moisturizer were over. My bathroom vanity was much less crowded. Gone were the bottles and jars of barely effective moisturizers. Now there was just one super powerful moisturizer for hair and skin.

Don’t waste time on moisturizers that barely moisturize. Experience the power of all-natural whipped butter today. Shop now.

Picture of Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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