Before I was introduced to BGLH whipped shea butter, I used shea butter from my local beauty supply store. It was chunky, had a rough texture, and sometimes had a strange smell. I didn’t know much about shea butter, so I figured this was normal.

Although the beauty supply shea butter helped with my eczema scars and hyperpigmentation, it always felt like a mission to get it all over my body. At one point, I dreaded moisturizing because I just didn’t feel like taking the time to aggressively rub shea butter onto my skin.

Then I came across BGLH whipped shea butter. My first thought was: “Whipped?! This will be so much easier to use!” Now I refuse to use anything other than whipped shea butter.

Some feel shea butter is too heavy to use during the warmer months. I can understand this opinion for non-whipped, raw butter. But as for BGLH butter, I simply cannot relate. Heavy is the last word I would use to describe it! BGLH butter is light, fluffy, and keeps you moisturized significantly longer than average lotions.

In the warmer months shea butter tends to melt if you don’t store it in a cool place. It still works! If you head over to the BGLH Instagram page, I did a quick video on the multiple ways I use melted butter.

In the summer I suggest using whipped butter right out of the shower. You should moisturize your entire body before you even think about putting clothes on!

Of course in the cooler months the whipped butter keeps its texture so you don’t have to worry about paying for insulated shipping. (Save that coin!) During the fall and winter, I use BGLH whipped butter the same way I do in the summertime — slather my body as soon as I get out of the shower.

Oh, and the butters are amazing for keeping feet soft! In the winter I rub my feet with them after a shower and put socks on immediately. It keeps my feet so soft! And if the socks aren’t warm enough I use my fiancé as an in-bed foot warmer!

How do you use whipped butter in the summer time?

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