In July, I let you in on my braid out secret – BGLH Marketplace butters. But they do more than produce amazing braid outs, they moisturize my sisterlocks, giving them softness and shine.

How to moisturize sisterlocks using BGLH Marketplace whipped shea butter

I’ve had sisterlocks for almost three years now and while I love them, they sometimes can look a bit dry. Unlike traditional locs you can’t put too much product on sisterlocks because they are much smaller in size and can’t take too much build up. (It’s extremely difficult to remove build up from sisterlocks!) 

For a while, I struggled with trying to figure out how much product to apply to my locs. And I’m not the only one. Many women with sisterlocks struggle with how to moisturize them. Especially because if they get too brittle and dry they break off completely.

Additionally I have a scalp condition that prohibits me from using most synthetic beauty products, so that eliminated quite a few options. Still I had to figure out a way to give my locs moisture, shine and conditioning. Fortunately for me, BGLH Marketplace butters provide all three. 

During the week, immediately after I wash my hair, I apply my loc conditioner mixed with a little Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter from BGLH Marketplace.

Sisterlocks can be rough and dry to the touch after washing, but the butter mixed with the conditioner keeps them super soft and pliable. Sometimes I’ll braid my hair up and sit under a hooded dryer, but on lazy days I just air dry. 

After my hair is dry, I run my fingers through one last time with the Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter on my hands. This routine keeps my sisterlocks moisturized through the week. And because BGLH Marketplace butters are so light and spreadable, they give my sisterlocks deep moisture without weighing them down.

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  1. Hello, I am 3 mos in with my Sisterlocs. I was wondering if am able to use your vanilla whip, Shea butter now? My Sisterlocs are dry, but was told don’t put anything on them. Help??? Thanks,


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