One of my favorite things about myself is my hair. But I haven’t always had the healthiest relationship with it. Growing up, I didn’t see many women who looked like me. Especially not getting worldwide attention. As a result I didn’t care for my natural hair and tried to alter it as much as possible. I’m grateful to still have hair on my head because I wouldn’t blame it if it parted ways with me!

In high school, I moved back to south Florida and was finally ready to embrace my natural hair. I went to a salon and the hairdresser suggested I keep perming my hair because my natural hair is “hard to maintain” and “not good in humid weather.” I trusted her expertise and continued perming my hair. My hair grew nicely and was healthy but I still didn’t feel 100% like myself. Once I finished high school and moved away from home, I was ready to embrace my natural hair unapologetically. I wasn’t going to let anyone change my mind! I met my now fiancé who loved my natural hair and encouraged me to embrace it. I did the “big chop” and started adjusting to my “TWA”. It was tough in the beginning because honestly, I didn’t feel beautiful. I had to wear jewelry at all times because I didn’t want anyone to mistake me for a man. It took a lot of self-reflection and dismantling of societal opinions for me to truly love my natural hair.

Now I’m going on year 8 of being natural and don’t regret my decision. I wish I would’ve done it back in high school. Yes, my hair is extremely thick and takes some time to do. But it’s worth it because it’s the healthiest it’s ever been and I know how to work with it. I can (and prefer to) go to a salon but I don’t need to. I can wash, deep condition, hot oil treatment, aloe vera mask, and style my hair at home. When my hair was permed, it was easier to manage but too thin and didn’t grow past a certain length. As long as I get my hair trimmed regularly, it continues to grow and is the complete opposite of thin.

My go-to hairstyle would have to be braids. In most of my childhood pictures, I have braids. I’m sure my mom saw my thick head of hair and said exactly what I say now: “I don’t feel like doing this.” ???? I have beautiful hair but it’s truly an arm workout doing my hair. There is a lot of it and it’s all super thick. This is why I prefer going to a salon and pay someone else to work their biceps. When I’m not rocking my braids, I let my natural hair out. I typically keep my hair in protective styles like twists or braids outs. To maintain my healthy hair at home, I use various oils and BGLH Marketplace Lemongrass Whipped Shea Butter. The butter keeps my hair moisturized, smelling good, and shining. Compliments on my hair usually refer to health and shine.

My hair wash routine:

Wash with Design Essentials shampoo, rinse, repeat.

Deep condition with Design Essentials conditioner.

Let hair air dry until damp and then apply BGLH Marketplace Lemongrass Whipped Shea Butter

Massage butter into hair.

Part hair and apply oils to scalp.

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