I really need to spread the word about BGLH Marketplace products, so my first plan was to contact Instagram influencers. Then I thought, “Why!? When so many of our customers are beautiful, articulate, and already love us!”

So we’re building a team of in-house content creators.

Meet Alyssa, a writer and podcaster based in Atlanta.

“I first came across BGLH Marketplace about 5 years ago as a broke college student. The struggle was extremely real back then. So real, I could only afford a sample size of the BGLH body butter. With an enormous amount of patience and perseverance, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree at the start of the pandemic. 5 months later, I moved on up to Atlanta and now buy the largest available size of BGLH body butter. 

In 5th grade, I moved from Miami to south Texas. Moving from a hot and humid climate to an even warmer climate really affected my sensitive skin and eczema, which I’ve had since birth. Once I went to college I started experimenting with different skin products. That’s when I came across BGLH Marketplace.

I found that my skin prefers natural ingredients, and non-synthetic fragrances. Shea butter and African black soap work perfectly for my super sensitive skin, and my thick natural hair also really benefits from the moisture. My fiancé can’t help but find his way to my side of the bathroom so of course I have to buy two of everything. ????

I bath with the BGLH African black soap daily, lightly dry off and then put on the BGLH whipped butter. My favorite scents are peppermint and lemongrass. When you leave a little bit of water on your body, the butter glides on perfectly and leaves it glowing and moisturized. I constantly get told that I have a “natural glow.” BGLH body butter and a genuine spirit are my secret. 

At a birthday photoshoot in April 2022.  (Yes, BGLH Lemongrass Whipped Shea Butter was used during this photoshoot to give a natural, moisturized glow.)

Writing for a brand I love which also happens to be black and woman owned, brings me an immense amount of joy.”

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

  • Body Oil 1 oz Sample Pack — Pick 2

    $20.00 or subscribe and save up to 40%
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  • Baby Powder Hair & Body Oil

    From: $35.00 or subscribe and save up to 40%
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  • Sandalwood & Bergamot Hair & Body Oil

    From: $35.00 or subscribe and save up to 40%
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  • Subscription Box

    Subscription Box

    From: $1.20 every month
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