Dove soap used to be my go-to. I always loved the smell and smooth feel of Dove. But the older I got, the more I understood that my skin doesn’t like synthetic fragrances or ingredients. Anything with added chemicals is an immediate nope.

I discovered African Black Soap shortly after I discovered shea butter. The rest is history. African Black Soap is an all-natural soap made of saponified shea butter, coconut oil and palm oil. It is a known remedy for acne, oily skin, scars, blemishes and eczema. It helps even skin tone and brighten skin. It can also be used as a shampoo!

Some use African Black Soap as a daily cleanser, others just for face. However you choose to use it, here are a few things you should know about BGLH Marketplace’s African Black Soap.

It’s heart shaped

BGLH Marketplace molds raw African Black Soap imported from Ghana into 3 oz heart-shaped bars. Who doesn’t need some extra love?

It doesn’t chip or break in transit

The soaps are packaged nice and tight so they don’t chip or break during shipping. I was worried mine would smush or change form in the warmer months, but it stayed intact!

It doesn’t contain sharp shards

Before BGLH African Black Soap, I mainly used black soap from the beauty supply store. I thought all black soap was made the same but I was sadly mistaken. The main thing I noticed with the beauty supply black soap is that it had hard black chunks in it.

These chunks never dissolved and scratched my skin. At first I thought maybe this is normal for black soap. Then I tried BGLH African Black Soap and realized I had no idea what I was using before.

It lathers up quickly

BGLH African Black Soap lathers perfectly on my washcloth, unlike other black soaps I’ve used. Other black soaps have to be soaking wet for them to lather.

It won’t dry out your skin

I also found that BGLH African Black Soap doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry like other black soap bars.

After showering I leave my skin damp and apply BGLH Marketplace whipped butters directly to damp hair and skin.

Looking for a healing cleanser? Try the African Black Soap bar for yourself!

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