We are body butter fanatics here at BGLH Marketplace. We have 24 different varieties all with different formulations, so you know it’s deep to us.

But is body butter better than lotion? Well it depends on what you’re looking for.

First let’s examine the difference between body butter and lotion.

In lotions water is the first/main ingredient, and then moisturizing and emollient (softening) ingredients are added in. Because they’re water-based, lotions need preservatives to stay fresh. They also contain synthetic chemicals that emulsify the mixture (combine the water and other ingredients) and thicken the texture. Lotions aren’t as fast to absorb into skin, but they do spread on its surface more easily. They typically don’t offer a very deep moisture experience i.e. you will have to reapply every 4 to 6 hours, especially in harsh, dry conditions. Lotions don’t typically heal or repair skin. Medicated lotions do, often at the expense of smelling good.

Back when I was in college Olay had a Quench Body Lotion with sparkles in it. I was obsessed, lol! It was fun to apply it and watch my skin shimmer. This was in my early 20s when my skin was in its prime. Before I had stretch marks from three pregnancies, or my feet had toughened up from working a job that required all-day standing. My skin needs were very casual. I mostly didn’t want to look ashy, so drugstore lotions worked fine.

Now, let’s get into body butter. A quick disclaimer here, many big skincare brands like The Body Shop make “body butters” that are not very different from lotions. They are still water based, with lots of synthetics and preservatives. When we say body butter, we’re referencing mixtures that contain no water or filler ingredients, just butter and oil.

Body butters use nut, seed or fruit butters as their base, and typically add oils to soften the mix. These mixtures are then stirred or whipped to create a spreadable formula. Since they do not contain water, body butters must be applied to damp skin or hair to trap moisture in.

Body butters provide a much longer-lasting moisturizing experience than lotion — anywhere from 12 to 48 hours. They also regenerate and heal the skin as they moisturize it, alleviating common skin issues like eczema, stretch marks and scars. Texture wise, they are heavier than lotions and, due to their thickness, not as spreadable. However, they absorb more easily into skin and often melt upon contact with body heat.

So which is better? Lotion or body butter? There are two answers here: 1. Body butter is definitely better but also 2. It depends on what you’re looking for.

Most of our customers come to us because they’ve outgrown lotions. They’re tired of applying it only to be ashy a few hours later. Tired of resorting to medicated lotions, which often don’t smell good, for a deeper moisture experience.

Their skin might have gone through a trauma — whether pregnancy, eczema, callouses, burns, stretch marks, dark spots or simple aging — that calls for a deeper moisturizing and healing experience.

So in that sense, for them body butter is better.

But it also depends on your needs. As I mentioned earlier, in my early 20s my skin was radiant with little effort. I could stay up till 4 am, barely drink water and still have bautiful, glowing skin. (Those were the days, lol!) If your skin is naturally resilient, you might not need a deep moisture experience and lotions might work fine for you!

Today, at age 36, my skin needs a little more help to maintain its glow. BGLH Marketplace body butters are now a centerpiece of my moisturizing, anti-aging and skin healing regimen.

Want to learn more about body butter? Click here for a breakdown of how it benefits skin and hair.

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