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• Apr 26, 2021

So this might be a little anti-climatic because I wasn’t able to get footage of my segment, lol. But I was recently featured on PIX11 Morning News here in New York City talking about BGLH Marketplace!

This all came about because one of PIX11’s morning anchors, Ojinika Obiekwe, is a long-time BGLH Marketplace customer! I’ve actually featured her in our newsletter before because she shouted us out on Instagram when a viewer complimented her skin.

Ojinika was doing a feature on black-owned businesses in Brooklyn and asked me to be featured. I did the interview via Zoom from my storefront. It was a fun opportunity to talk about how the business is growing and developing. And the conversation was very easy because I was speaking with someone who is already very familiar with our products. 😊

A lot of the media and wholesale opportunities we’ve gotten through the years have come through customers spreading the word, wanting to interview us or do business with us. Thank you all for shouting us out! Word of mouth has always been our most powerful mode of growth.


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This stuff is unreal. It’s incredibly light and fluffy, and absorbs well into your skin. It also smells exactly like hot chocolate. I can’t wait to repurchase 🙂” — Cassie on Cocoa Shea Blended Butter

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