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• Jun 4, 2020

THANK YOU for the support during the worst of the COVID outbreak in NYC. You were gracious as we struggled to fill orders in a timely fashion, and we appreciate you! A few things;

1. We are BACK IN OUR STOREFRONT! And it’s never felt better. Being here will allow us to pick up the pace and get back to the semi-fast (lol) turnaround you all are used to. Right now we have about 120 outstanding orders, down from 475 during the worst of the outbreak. We are slowly but surely stabilizing. 

2. Our processing time is still 1 to 2 weeks. Most orders will ship sooner than this, but we are dealing with supply chain issues due to COVID (almost all of our raw materials come from overseas, and shipping has been disrupted globally.) To account for this we are giving ourselves some cushion on processing time.

3. It’s getting hotter so if temps are consistently over 75 degrees please select insulated shipping. Our butters work well even when melted, so if you truly do not care whether they’re whipped you can select regular shipping.

More soon,


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