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Whipped Shea Butter Vs Raw Shea Butter 🤔 Which is Better?

Shea butter is like a miracle lotion from nature.

The American Shea Butter Institute compiled a list of 9 ways it can be used on skin.

  1. Relieve dry skin and eczema, and provide deep moisture in cold, dry weather
    2. Ease sunburn, peeling after tanning and skin damage from burns and radiation
    3. Reduce wrinkles, blemishes and stretch marks (especially during pregnancy)
    4. Relieve itching, including from insect bites and allergic reactions to plants
    5. As a shaving cream
    6. Heal rashes, small wounds and cracks in the skin
    7. Soften rough/tough skin on feet
    8. Relieve frost bite
    9. Ease muscle fatigue, aches and tension

But when it comes to application, which is better — to use raw shea butter or whipped?

Raw shea butter can be sticky, and hard to break off — especially in cold weather when it hardens even more. Whipped shea butter contains oils that help soften up the butter and enhance its healing and moisturizing properties.

All of our whipped shea butters are at least 55% shea butter — so you get a high portion. The oils we add to complement it — almond, argan, coconut and olive oil (depending on the mix you choose) — all bring wonderful softness and texture to the shea butter.

Customer Kassandre shared in a recent review on our
Vanilla Latte Blended Butter (click here to check it out) that over time she has found using whipped butter to be more convenient than using raw.

“After seeing the products show up in my social media feeds, I became curious. I read the reviews and the product descriptions and decided to purchase the Vanilla Latte Blended Butter. The texture of this product is heavenly and light, but I still feel moisturized all day. The vanilla smell is subtle and complements my favorite vanilla perfume when I wear it. I love my raw shea butter, but I find myself going to my BGLH product first.”

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