[Customer Story] How BGLH Marketplace Butters Comforted During My Mother’s Battle With Cancer

At BGLH Marketplace our primary goal is to become a part of your homes and lives, whether you’re 22 years old or 82 years old.

So when customer Jonathan Gipson shared how our butters went from being a grooming product for him to a soothing product during his mother’s battle with cancer, it really touched us. He was kind enough to write out his story and give us permission to share it. Check it out;

“My name is Jonathan Gipson and I’ve been a user of your products for over a year now, primarily focused on my beard, eczema and dry scalp. Recently a series of events in my life have led me to reframe your products, seeing them as multifaceted tools that can adapt to different uses beyond just beautiful aesthetics.

This past August I received a call that my mother, who lives in Buffalo, NY where I am from was in the hospital. I rushed home from my job in Manhattan back to Brooklyn, quickly packed a bag and booked a flight back to Buffalo.

Arriving to my mother’s apartment there were clear signs of a struggle. As I began cleaning, organizing and preparing to see her for the first time in the hospital, I gathered the essential items of toiletries, including BGLH Marketplace Shea Butter.

I learned at the hospital that my mom had a giant carcinoma that was Stage 4 Uterine Cancer. I went into caregiver mode, putting on her bonnet, wiping down her bed rails, elevating her feet and rotating her body to prevent bed sores, and most importantly keeping her skin moisturized and soft with Shea Butter.

After a thorough rub down application of Lavender Whipped Shea Butter my mother’s nurse entered her room and gasped.

“OMG she’s wet! Does she have a fever?! She’s broken out into a cold sweat”

Laughing, I explained that she had been greased down with premium shea butter and that it would take some time to soak in.

In this moment of grief and daily healthcare soap opera, BGLH Marketplace Shea Butters became a source of comedic relief and a reminder that the things we do, the things we say, the things we produce all have a tremendous impact.” 

Gipson shared that his mother lost her battle with cancer. He thanked us for creating a product that could provide comfort during her battle. We offered our condolences, then thanked him for giving our company an opportunity to be there for him during that time. ❤❤❤

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