“My skin has become very soft and radiant”

About a month ago we announced our ‘Butter Babe’ series to highlight our awesome customers. Linda from Richland, Washington is our first! Check it out;

 My name is Linda. I’m a graduate student at Washington State University and I work as a technical writer.

How did you first discover BGLH Marketplace?
 Two years ago I started my natural hair journey and was looking for a product that would seal in moisture and not freeze in my hair during the winter. At the time, I spent a lot of days outside in the snow and very low temperatures. After Googling products for dry weather, I discovered shea butter had the highest recommendations. I also read that whipped shea butter worked best because it not only locked in moisture, but absorbed faster.

BGLH had the best reviews from customers on quality combined with the cost per ounce. My first purchase was in March 2017.

How do you incorporate our butters into your skin and hair care regimen?My daily routine includes a water based moisturizer for my skin and hair, followed by a fruit scented butter for my skin and lavender for my hair. I wrap my hair overnight.

How have your hair and skin benefited from the butters?
My skin has always been dry and prone to peeling and chafing. Living in a dry area that fluctuates temperatures from 110F to -1F, my skin drinks moisture like never before. My hair was brittle, dry and broke easily. I must’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products the first couple of years in my area before discovering BGLH Marketplace. 

Since using the products, my skin has become very soft and radiant. I get compliments from my family and friends. Styling my hair has become much simpler. I find my coils are looser, softer and detangle easier. 

My feet, elbows and hands no longer chafe and peel. My hair is more manageable than ever before. 

No other product has held up to the elements year round like the whipped butters. I haven’t regretted the plunge and will continue to patronize as long as the marketplace is in business.


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Black Girl With Long Hair

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