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What is the Difference Between Raw and Whipped Shea Butter?

• May 29, 2017

At BGLH Marketplace we sell both raw and whipped shea butter. Both are premium products with tremendous benefits for hair and skin, but what is the difference?

Raw shea butter has been extracted from the shea nut and not manipulated in any way. The shea tree is indigenous to West Africa, and the extraction process has remained the same for centuries;

…the nuts of the wild growing Karite Tree are hand harvested and brought back to the village. At the village, women hand shell the Karite Nuts (aka the Shea nuts) and uncover the raw nut that makes up the butter. The nut is then grilled to open up its properties, pounded into a powder and boiled. During boiling, the potent oils in Shea Butter rise to the surface, after which they are scooped into gourds and left to cool and set. The result is a miraculous beauty, anti-aging and therapeutic lotion that is naturally high in Vitamins A and E, has more antioxidants that Green Tea and boasts of six different Essential Fatty Acids. Its high nutrient content makes Raw Shea Butter useful for everything from hair care to reducing wrinkles.”

Our premium raw shea butter

Raw shea butter is rich, but not easily spreadable over the whole body. That’s where whipped shea comes in.

A 12 oz whipped shea ready for labeling

Whipped shea butter is combined with oils and whipped until fluffy and smooth. It makes the butter incredibly spreadable for use on face, body and hair, and the oil adds to the richness of the shea!

Do you prefer your shea whipped or raw? Why or why not?

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Iris Jennings
Iris Jennings
4 years ago

I like the raw shea butter ‚because some of the oils incorporated into the shea butter may not penetrate my hair shaft, or my scalp, please correct me if I am wrong, I would mix argan oil with the raw shea butter it penetrates my hair and scalp

4 years ago
Reply to  Iris Jennings

Oils don’t penetrate hair shaft, they are sealants, raw shea butter and a no protein leave in is the best for protein sensitive naturals. YOU ARE CORRECT 🙂

Annie Rivera
4 years ago

I’m very anxious to try to product.

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