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13 Ingenious Halloween Costume Ideas for Black Women

• Oct 23, 2015

Halloween is right around the corner, and you still have no idea what you want to be.  Let the costume hunting cease!  Here are ten fabulous tutorials for naturals — curly or kinky, pressed or not — this Halloween!

1. The Wiz

MyNaturalSistas as The Wiz characters

Why not go as one of the characters from the classic The Wiz. Toni, India, and Carmen show you how to transform into Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Tin Man, respectively.  Use your natural texture to your advantage!

2. Cyber Doll or FKA Twigs

aurie sing

How about being a cyber doll for Halloween?  Better yet, get your creativity on and modify this look for an FKA Twigs costume! The key is to get those baby hairs (and some) laid, attach some clip-ins, and exaggerate the eyes with makeup.  Check out this tutorial on how to get the entire look.

3. Lioness

donedo as lioness

No wig is needed for this lioness costume.  Just use your natural coils/curls for the mane or do a chunky twist out or braid out for a more realistic look.  If your hair is already tan or brown, then you are all set; if not, use a temporary spray-on color.  Naturalista Donedo shows you how to achieve the full lioness look, including makeup, in the following tutorial.

4. Jenelope (from Bring It On)

rinny - bring it on

Our very own Rinny totally nailed Jenelope for Halloween last year, and you can do the same.  Have your East Compton Clovers cheer uniform custom-made or, if you’re tight on cash and/or time, improvise!  Go straight or curly and throw on a matching bandana to set the look.  Check out Rinny’s cute dance break:

5. Justice (from Poetic Justice)

Poetic Justice - Ify Yvonne

If you are rocking long box braids, twist extensions or locs, no need to hide all of that hair under a costume.  Just pull your hair into a high ponytail and wrap with a white scarf to transform into Justice.  Finish off the look with the subtle 90s makeup, white shirt, and high-waisted blue jeans.

6. Niobe (from The Matrix)


Are you makeup-challenged?  Well, being Niobe for Halloween is really simple and never gets old.  Just do several bantu knots, throw on some sleek shades, and wear a leather jacket with matching leather pants.  Voila!

7. Evil Jester


If you want to play with some serious face paint, why not be an evil jester for Halloween?  Rock your natural hair as is or pull it back and set off the look with a black top hat.

8. Josephine Baker or Flapper Girl

flapper girl - jackie aina

Jackie Aina has a wonderful makeup tutorial for us brown-skinned beauties.  Get your dark lipstick, black eyeshadow, and lash extensions ready.  Slick your natural hair into flat curls along the forehead, opt for a wig, or wear your texture as is and pinned into an updo.

9. TLC

TLC by MyNaturalSistas

TLC is a great group costume for you and two other friends or sisters.  The following take on the trio even incorporates a natural-haired T‑Boz! Check out this second tutorial by MyNaturalSistas for how to achieve this look.

10. The Corpse Doll


Big hair is the way to go for this look! Get some super long fake lashes and white hair spray paint.  Also grab some black lipstick and white lip/eye liner from a party store.  Complete the look with pearls.

11. Zombie Pet Michonne (from Walking Dead)

zombie pet michonne - naptural85

Use your locs or aged twists to create your Michonne costume.  Naptural85 takes this look to the next level by crossing Michonne with one of her zombie pets.  Below is the tutorial for the entire costume.

12. Annalise Keating (from How to Get Away with Murder)


Does anyone else love Viola Davis’ role on “How to Get Away with Murder”?  To get her look for Halloween, you will need a short dark brown wig, first and foremost.  Next up, put on your best solid-colored business attire and follow this makeup tutorial.

13. Penny Proud

Penny Proud

Don’t sleep on being Penny Proud for Halloween, especially if you want an easy, quick costume.  Use your real hair or add kanekalon extensions for Penny’s signature pigtails.  Use any white collared shirt, dark knee-length skirt, and tennis shoes you may own.  Get an inexpensive maroon, fuchsia, or violet red cardigan and finish the look with a fake mole under your eye.

What is your costume for Halloween?

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6 years ago

Jenelope and TLC are my favorites…

6 years ago

so cool! i actually needed some real inspiration for this halloween and i think penny proud or niobe would be perfectly easy last minute options for me. thanks bglh!

6 years ago
Reply to  Marmaduke

Just an update, I went as Niobe which was a great way to set my hair for a next day bantu knot out ahaha

I saw someone on fb who went as Penny Proud with her friends as the other characters. it was amazing. Serious great ideas.

Alexis D. Poole
Alexis D. Poole
6 years ago

man she NAILED Annalise Keating/Viola Davis!

6 years ago

I love these! Thanks for posting.

Joy Villa
Joy Villa
6 years ago


6 years ago

Susie Carmichael from the Rugrats–my best Halloween costume yet

Free Tea
Free Tea
6 years ago

I LOOOOVE the TLC costume. Unfortunately, I don’t have a fitting crew this Halloween so I’m going as a Steampunk Lady…

6 years ago

I was Princess Leia, hair buns and all. Just started with curly Afro puffs and pinned the, down. I even won the office contest today. ?

Shana Peete
Shana Peete
4 years ago

Super cute!

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