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BGLH is Changing, and It’s a Beautiful Thing

• Jun 17, 2015


No, your BGLH article feed is not deceiving you, things have changed.

You might have noticed lately (officially starting on March 1) that BGLH is talking about more than hair… a lot more than hair. We’ve discussed culture, style and black womanhood in deeper ways, and that is deliberate. Let’s discuss…

So, why is BGLH changing?

Like many natural hair bloggers my background isn’t actually in hair or beauty, it’s in journalism. Before starting BGLH in April 2008 I was a newspaper reporter. I eventually quit my job to do BGLH full time, but my inner news nerd never died. I love reading news and culture pieces that affect us as black women. Not just for my own awareness, but because black women are not covered properly or well in mainstream media. The longer I’ve had this website the more I’ve come to recognize it as a powerful hub to discuss things that matter to us as black women, including — but not limited to — natural hair.

Our tagline is “Beauty, Culture and Natural Hair” and going forward we’re taking that tag line seriously… but only with content that is meaningful and relevant to our black beauty/womanhood focus. So don’t expect to see random recaps of Scandal…

What about natural hair?

What about it? It’s still central to who we are. It’s our passion and it’s just plain FUN! We love to write about natural hair care, natural styling, everything. Continue to expect top quality natural hair articles from our talented writing team every week.

What about hair that isn’t natural, will you start covering that too?

No. The furthest we’ll venture from natural hair care is discussing how weave and extension styles can be used in a protective capacity and to switch up your look. But we’re not interested in discussing relaxed hair, perpetual weaving or texturizers. It’s not our focus or passion.

I hate this!

I’m… sorry? Every time BGLH changes we lose some of our audience. All I can say is thank you for the time you’ve spent with us thus far. Luckily there are plenty of incredible blogs and YouTube accounts that focus solely on natural hair care and styling.

I love this!

We do too!! And we are excited about what is to come.

So will you change your name?


Will you keep selling shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter?

Why yes, we will! You can buy raw or whipped shea, cocoa and mango butter in a variety of sizes (3 ounces all the way up to 2 pounds) here at


(So yeh, that question and answer was basically a shameless plug…)

All this sounds fishy… Have you been acquired or sold?

Nope, no and hell naw. I still own 100% of BGLH and have no intention of giving up my full creative and financial control.

Thank you for travelling this journey with us and being a part of this community! Many of you have remained as we’ve evolved, through good times and bad, and it means so much to me. Upward and onward!


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24 Comments on "BGLH is Changing, and It’s a Beautiful Thing"

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Elodie Careme
Congratulations! Persons, things, concepts, everything has to change, evolve and adapt. As a long-time follower of BGLH, I am glad. I hope it’s for the best. I don’t mind extra-hair topics as long as we remain in the quality area. I have some suggestions. I believe we don’t have enough entrepreneurship mentality among the community and especially women. Could you feature once a month (a week) some successful natural businesswomen ? It could serve as a good emulator and model for curly, coily and even relaxed women. I’d like to see more artists as well. Maybe nappy painters, photographers, chorégraphs… Read more »
Klassy Kinks

I have a monthly series on my site dedicated exactly to highlighting the stories of small businesses owned by naturals — and they almost always come with giveaways! Most are natural hair product companies, but this month’s is an artist so feel free to check it out.


Yup, I love it!


I appreciate the transparency.

Have you considered publishing category-based RSS feeds? This may help those of your readers who only care about hair care to continue to get that content without having to sift through the other content (interesting, I’m sure, but potentially just not targeted to them)? Anything you can do to keep your readers and help us draw the best value from the site would be appreciated.

Publishing a topic-based feed seems straight forward from what I can tell:

Just an idea. Best wishes with the new direction and thanks for all the great content.


There is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone.

Shana H

I think the tagline should be turned around to say “Natural Hair, Beauty, & Culture”. The Natural Hair should still come first.


Thank you! I hope this halts all the complaining because don’t nobody got the time for all that

Ugonna Wosu

Cool, the extra topics have been fine, and like you said, you’ve been doing this for a while and we’ve been fine with this.


I am all for the content shift, I think its great! I personally/technically have been having a problem with the site structure changes though. There are so many ads and widgets that it’s hard for me to navigate around the site. Is there a plain text RSS feed or anything?


Hey LaNesha. You can access our feed here:

And we are fully aware that the ads make things annoying for readers. We’re currently working on switching to a different revenue model but it will take us some time. #2016goals For now the ads ‘keep the lights on’ around here, so we need them.


The feedburner link is perfect, thank you!


” I still own 100% of BGLH and have no intention of giving up my full creative and financial control.”–Thank you Jesus!!!

Chato'ne Strickland

I would like to see stories about dating and relationships. Not that you asked 🙂


This change is great. I wish you continued success. The stuff that you have been posting is informative and much needed. Thanks!

JasmineSkyy Forcer

I second stories on relationships would be great. Also are you looking for writers? I would love to write for BGLH, check out my site


i was actually going to mention how i like how the website has evolved on one of yesterdays posts and today, you just so happen to announce it..what a coincidence. i love the direction that BGHL is heading…Unity & Love 4 back women

I like this! I had started to see that y’all were covering more than natural hair, I was excited! Like this is my safe haven, I can learn different techniques for my hair while getting some scalding hot tea! YASSS plus I’m glad y’all not talking about relaxed & texturized hair etc. Like I understand the women who do that exist, but this is for us who decided to go back to our roots! But we still got love for you bone straight beauties, yass hunty. But I would like if you all covered one topic: if some girls with… Read more »
Ziggy ThePiggy

Its great to know that you are becoming more “all-source”. I must say, while the sites focus may not be in Pop Culture per se, I’d love to see a few entertainment posts every now and again.
Such as :
Notable activists doing great things
More black business/inventors and the like


Well that’s a great news! I hope that your new topics will still be very open for afro womens from all over the world… ^_^ bisous bisous


Well that’s a great news! I hope that your new topics will still be very open for afro womens from all over the world… ^_^ bisous bisous


Thank you for continuing to be organic and not an attention seeking sell-out. I will most definitely continue to support.


I’m digging the change! 🙂

Natural Power of Her Blog

I love the new changes! You will always have my support


I’m here for it! Been a reader for years and I’ll still support! I’m happy that you all are discussing more than feels good to read different perspectives and opinions from people who look like me and who understand my joys and pains. Thank you BGLH!

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