Shea, Cocoa, and Mango

Whipped Butter

Pure Whipped Butter. No Water, No Synthetic Chemicals.

Shea, cocoa and mango butter whipped to a soft texture that absorbs right into skin, leaving you glowing, dewy, and moisturized! Gentle enough for daily use but powerful enough to treat conditions like eczema. 🌿💪🏾

Our butters are also perfect for hair, locking in moisture and promoting healthy hair growth.
What keeps me buying the products is they are so SMOOTH. The whipped butter just easily glides on my skin and melts without being greasy. My favorites are the Sandalwood & Bergamot Blended Butter and Vanilla Latte Blended Butter. I use the products as a body butter, nighttime facial moisturizer, hair butter and burn salve.
I attribute tremendous hair growth to the use of your butters. My big chop natural hair went from nape length to below shoulder length in just two years even with regular trims…I had instant relief from my itchiness when I applied the whipped shea butter (lavender, mmmmm) to my eczema patch and no visible residue in my hair. Not only that, but the hair around that part of my scalp (where 80% of the product ended up) is now suuuuper soft. It actually made me realize how dry and itchy the rest of my scalp was and how brittle the rest of my hair was in comparison.
I’m obsessed with the Whipped Mango Butter and Rose Blended Butter. I use them on my face when I’m doing facial massages, on my body, and my hair. The best all-in-one product to glow and hydrate my skin and hair!