As a child, my eczema flare ups were at their worst in the summertime, which isn’t unusual. Now, I step out every summer confident and moisturized.

I use whipped shea body butter to tackle eczema flare ups.

Most of my eczema issues were due to me not understanding and listening to my skin. Like most kids, I wanted to use the same lotions and body products my friends used. Big name brands that couldn’t care less about helping my eczema.

Ironically, I discovered shea butter in the summer and never looked back. I had always attributed my eczema to crappy genes and the South Florida humidity. Thankfully I educated myself and started listening to my skin.

My body’s non-negotiable’s for beating summertime eczema are moisture and hydration:

1. Use moisturizing shea body butters to tackle eczema flare ups

 The heat and humidity can affect my eczema but ONLY when my skin is dry. This is because when my skin is dry, it’s easily itchy and irritable. Heat along with easily irritable skin is a recipe for disaster.

BGLH whipped shea butter keeps my skin moisturized for over 12 hours. It is also anti-inflammatory, relieving itching and irritation. One of my favorites is Lemongrass Whipped Shea Butter.

BGLH Marketplace Lemongrass Whipped Shea Body Butter is great for eczema flare ups.

2. Stay hydrated from the inside out

A smart person once said “Drink more water, or you might die.” It’s that simple folks! I’m sure y’all have seen the jokes online about this “new sun” and how it’s “taking its job too seriously.” (Lol) The earth is heating up, and staying hydrated is even more important.

Dehydration affects your entire body, especially your skin, whether you’re working from home or extremely active.

Your body weight is made up of 60% water and unlike dry skin mentioned above, dehydrated skin can’t be fixed with moisturizer.

Dehydrated skin lacks moisture from the inside. It can appear dull, uneven, and wrinkled. Drinking more water helps restore plumper, more youthful-looking skin. I start every day with a glass of water.

How do you handle your summer eczema flare ups? Let us know in the comments.

And need an all-natural treatment for eczema flare ups? Try BGLH whipped body butters today.

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